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7 Tips to Purchase a Good Quality and Durable Generator

7 Tips to Purchase a Good Quality and Durable Generator

Buying a generator for your home or business can seem like overkill, can’t it? Having a generator on hand means that your primary power source has gone out and you need to get your power back online. We typically read about hospitals having generators in order to keep patients safe and secure during power outages. However, it can be just as important for homeowners to have their own high-quality generator, as well. Buying a generator isn’t as easy as picking a product out of a catalog. Shoppers need to know exactly what they are looking for in order to get the right product for their home. Today, we are going to highlight seven different tips that will help you come home with a high-quality and durable generator. 

Generator Buying Guide: 7 Simple Tips. 

Portable generators come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. It is obviously important to know what you are shopping for but generates are such a niche item that it can be hard to even get prepared. When shopping for a generator, you have to stay aware of several aspects. In order to help make your shopping easier, we’ve put together a handful of tips that should help keep you focused on the best products available. 

1) Pick A Style Of Generator – Before you can even begin to consider taking home a generator, you need to know what kind it is that you are looking for. There are three basic generators that you can pick from: Portable Generators, Home Standby Generators, and Inverter Generators. Each style of generator will have their own specific types of pros and cons. You’ll also notice that the price of each generator option will vary greatly. Home Standby Generators are typically the most expensive as they require a professional to install them. Portable Generators are the most common and affordable, but they lack high-end power. Inverter Generators are an intermediate option due to the complexity of how they operate. 

2) Understand Your Power Needs – The goal of your generator is obviously going to be to supply your home with power. If you get a generator that lacks the power supply to fuel your home, you really aren’t getting any use out of your product. Pay close attention to the power supply of your generator and make sure to match it with the needs of your home. For reference, a refrigerator requires about 600 watts of electricity in order to run. The lights in your home can range anywhere from 60 to 600 watts of electricity. Generators come with varying amounts of power, so make sure you get something that covers your need. 

3) Pick Your Fuel Source – Your generator obviously doesn’t run on electricity, now, does it? In order to make sure that your generator is operating when you need it, pay attention to the fuel supply that it requires. Some generators will take propane as their primary fuel while others will use gasoline. If you get a generator that runs on a dangerous chemical like gasoline or propane, make sure that you store extra fuel on location in a safe manner. You don’t want your fuel to become a hazard and you don’t want to not have any when the time comes to fire up your generator. 

4) Learn How To Maintain The Generator – If you want your generator to stay durable for a long period, you are going to need to learn how to maintain it. Generators are relatively complex machines when you don’t know the first thing about them. In order to keep your generator in great shape, take some time to read the manual that comes with your prospective generator. You can also find maintenance videos on the internet that will walk you through all the important maintenance steps. Learn how to maintain your generator fromGenerator Place Honda as soon as you can because you never know when you will need it! 

5) Pay Attention To Special Features – Generators aren’t always going to be machines with limited features. Some generators have extra features that help to make your usage much easier. For example, some generators will offer alternative fuel options, a low-oil shutoff, an electric start, or even an automatic starting system. These special features will increase the price of your generator but some of them are worth paying extra for. To our mind, having an alternative fuel capacity might be the most useful special feature out of the bunch. After all, if you are without power for a prolonged period, finding fuel might become a problem. 

6) Pay Extra For A Warranty – While generators are typically hardy machines, that doesn’t mean that problems don’t eventually begin to manifest. For most general purchases, buying an extended service warranty probably isn’t a great idea. However, with a generator, you might be better served to pay a little extra in order to get an extended warranty. Generators are specialized enough to be problematic to repair without the assistance of a professional. An extended warranty might add another $50 to your purchase, but that $50 surcharge could end up keeping the lights on for you down the road. 

7) Don’t Forget The Transfer Switch – Finally, we need to triple-underline the importance of a transfer switch. A transfer switch is what safely connects your generator to your home. Without this transfer switch, your generator could turn into a massive liability that could lead to danger and even death. A transfer switch needs to be installed by a certified electrician and you will likely need to pay at least $500 for the job. The transfer switch is not an optional feature.  

Buying a quality generator is all about knowing what you are looking for. When you look for a new generator, you are really looking for peace of mind. Use our tips in order to keep you focused as you sort through all the different options available to you! There are many generator choices out there, so bring the right one home!


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