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7 Useful Tips to Successfully Market an ICO

7 Useful Tips to Successfully Market an ICO

Initial coin offering (ICO) is gaining the public eye creating a billion dollar market. The trend of ICO will continue to rise this year as the cryptocurrency and blockchain are providing limitless crowdfunding capital to the start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Before knowing how to market ICO, it is worth checking how to invest in initial coin offering.  Here are the 7 useful tips to successfully market an ICO.

  1. The Website

The website is the foundation of ICO and without it, the ICO can crumble or collapse at any stage. It develops the credibility among the users. You should include the whitepaper clearly mentioning the message of your ICO project. Provide easy navigation with all the information in the clear and concise manner.  It will be great if you can include the video to demonstrate your product to the target audience.

The website should have the accompanying graphics that are eye-catching attracting the audience to invest. Remember to add the call to action to convert the visitors into potential investors. The site should be SEO optimized and include everything about the project and its growth to earn the trust of the investors. Don’t forget to include the roadmap, vision and schedule of the events.

  1. Right SEO Strategy

A well researched ICO marketing strategy both on page and off page can drive a lot of traffic to the ICO site. The strategy should include the important aspects of SEO strategy such as online reputation management, branding and content management. A good SEO strategy is successful in improving the visibility and viability for the long term.

  1. PR and Outreach

Once you set the website and apply the best SEO strategy, it’s time to reach the target audience through PR. You need a professionally written PR. This can be done in-house or you can hire some agency to write the PR. There are premium sites that publish the PR but if you don’t have the relationship with these top-tier sites than you have to pay for publishing them. Another method of maximizing the exposure of your ICO message is publishing articles on top-tier sites. This is an excellent way to get the backlink and boost the SEO strategy.

  1. Coin Listings

One of the effective ways to market your ICO is getting it listed on cryptocurrency sites which particularly feature the latest ICOs. This is free to submit but the top tier sites ask for the charges to list the ICOs on them. The ICO listings are an integral part of outreaching for the campaign.

  1. Email Marketing

It is an important method to market the ICO but needs to perform with the caution.  Sending the emails to the people without any consent can result in damaging the online reputation and limit the future capabilities of email. Build an opt-in email list to get the better response from the targeted audience. Email marketing is tough but yields better returns in long term. Personalize the email and avoid spamming for getting the good results.

  1. Social Media Marketing and Community Management

The marketing of ICO via community management and social media can make or break the reputation of the ICOs. There should be an allocation of tasks to the team who manages the social media channels. These channels should be monitored and remain updated at all the times to provide the current information to the target audience.

Facebook- There are many groups and pages that discuss the cryptocurrency which should be utilized for participating and generating the lead in the form of the investor. Facebook is an effective channel to create your own community and post the regular updates to keep it active for the social media community.

Quora- There are many questions in the Quora with answers of the experts. Follow the topic related to initial coin offering. You can reach the wider audience by answering the high-quality answer in Quora.

Specialized Forums- The forums such as Bitcointalk provides you chance to discuss and ability to communicate with the interested and knowledgeable audience.

LinkedIn Groups- The groups on LinkedIn consists of thousands of members and are free to target the larger audience by reaching through posts to more people.

Telegram- It is new but it is growing at the fast pace every day. The channel remains increasing popular offering wide scale and interested audience.

You can hire a dedicated social media manager to effectively market the ICO and reach to larger and interested audience.

  1. Bounty Programmes

It is an effective way to market by offering the bounties i.e. incentives and rewards to keep the audience engaging after the pre-ICO stage.

There is no doubt that marketing in 2018 is tougher than the year 2017. There is a reduction in the marketing channels, increased regulation and higher competition resulting in marketing ICO harder. But follow the above tips to market and get the effective results soon.



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