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7 Vape Hacks for the Arizer Air II

7 Vape Hacks for the Arizer Air II

Despite Vaping seeming like the newest contemporary addition to the smoking industry, the idea of a ‘Smokeless, Non-tobacco, Safer’ smoking device has been around since the late 1920’s ! It’s only recently that this idea has been developed and commercialized upon. Vaporizers of today are sleek, extremely shiny and have OLED screens.

Undeniably, leading this new ‘Spaced-aged’ vaporizer revolution has to be the stunning Arizer Air II. This state of the art device possesses a Hybrid Heating system with fully customizable temperature control, Borosilicate Glass Aroma Tubes and a compact/portable form factor. If you are lucky enough to own this cutting-edge vaporizer or just have a passion for vaping, you will want to take note of these essential hacks for the Arizer Air II to ensure the best vaping experience…

#1 Not too Hot!

Treat your herbs like you’d treat your shoes… Like your shoes, there are various types of herb and different herbs are only appropriate at certain temperatures. You wouldn’t wear crocs to a wedding so why would you vape your herbs at an incendiary 455F. In both cases it would be a waste of money and not to mention ruin the experience for everyone involved… Thankfully the Arizer Air II supports the ability to set exact, custom temperatures. This means that it is easy to be concise when heating up and lead to a more exquisite experience. Try vaping somewhere between 380 F and 410 F for the best results.

#2 Five Second Rule

It’s no lie that when you take a hit of your vaporizer it’s best to hold it in for the ultimate effect. But how long? Well, we believe that five seconds is the sweet spot for ensuring all that THC makes its way into your bloodstream, en-route to those lonely cannabinoid receptors. So next time you inhale with your Arizer Air II don’t forget to start a T-Minus 5 second countdown and your high will be out of this world (pardon the pun). Just don’t hold in for too long, being dead doesn’t have the same high…

#3 Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

Arizer Air II

Arizer Air II

If you’re not willing to keep your portable vaporizer clean, then vaping isn’t for you! a clean vaporizer is not only easier to maintain but actually leads to better highs. When debris and dirt build up in your device’s chamber, and is continuously getting reheated over time, it inherently gets turned into harmful compounds and renders this ‘healthier option’…Unhealthy. If you have the Arizer Air II, cleaning is incredibly easy. The aroma tube is easily detachable meaning the only component you need to worry about cleaning is the heating chamber.

#4 Grind it Fine

When using dry herbs in the Arizer Air 2, a very useful hack is to go the extra mile and grind extra hard (Innuendo not intended). When particles are finely ground it results in a larger surface area of herb and subsequently when put into the heating chamber causes more of the THC to be released from the product. More area to heat up equals more vapor… Simple yet effective hack.

#5 Charge Fully ! Don’t be a Frugal Dougal.

As excited as you may be to use your Arizer Air II out of the box, make sure you give it the best chance at life and charge it all the way up! Not only does having a full battery mean you can vape for longer periods of time but it also increases the overall longevity of the device. Fully charging a device for the first time helps the device with battery calibration-yada yada yada. long story short… Full Battery = Full device life expectancy.

#6 Sterilize

When using the Arizer Air II for the first time, it’s a wise idea to sterilize the chamber. Don’t fret, that doesn’t mean you to have to quarantine the device or put a lab-coat on or wear horrible eye protection goggles. This process is usually overlooked in the vaping world, but it’s really quite incomplex. Simply turn the vaporizer on full throttle with an empty chamber and this will evaporate off all toxins which might be left from the manufacturing process.

#7 Read the Manual !

Yes, believe it or not, that white piece of paper with words on it that I bet you scrunched up and threw in the bin instantaneously has a purpose! Manuals these days don’t get a lot of attention due to first world ignorance but hidden in plain sight, somewhere in that manual, could be the answer to your user issue. Pace yourself and read the manual before you start vaping. It will save you hassle down the line with incorrect setup problems and also save customer service representatives a few less therapy sessions!

Vaping can seem daunting and complicated when first getting into it, but by following simple hacks like this it can make the experience a lot less painful when not knowing what to do.


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