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7 Ways to Stop Work Related Back Pain

7 Ways to Stop Work Related Back Pain

With so many people working in a 9-5 job, pain management specialist Dr. Reyfman says that in recent times, most people who suffer from the lower back, upper back, shoulder and neck pain issues are the ones who work a sedentary job in this shift.

Hence, we are going to discuss below how you can stop this work-related pain even without quitting your day job;

1. Keep Your Head Straight without Lowering Your Neck:

Align your monitor and chair such that you keep your head straight to look at the monitor. If you are not maintaining the right neck posture, then you may strain your neck and develop neck pain.

2. Choose an Ergonomically Designed Chair:

You are going to be seated in one place for hours, hence the chair you sit on plays a major role in causing or avoiding any sort of physical pain. An ergonomically designed chair will help in avoiding any pain as it can be adjusted as per your preferences and give your back and neck the right support so that you can be seated comfortably for hours while working.

3. Stretch Every Hour:

Sitting in a position for many hours is going to cause stiff muscles resulting in muscle pain hence stretch at your seat in between work so that you just flex muscles to avoid any stiffness. 

4. Take Small Breaks:

When you are in a sedentary job, you should make it a point to take small breaks every few hours and walk around just so that the blood circulation in your body improves. This also helps to flex muscles avoiding any pain and improves your concentration and productivity thereby.

5. Look Away from the Monitor Frequently to Avoid Eye Strain:

If you are working on a computer every day, then you also need to take care of your eye’s health hence do not constantly stare at the screen but take breaks and look away frequently and also reduce the screen brightness to reduce the strain caused by the screen on your eyes.

6. Take Water Breaks:

Put a water reminder every hour on your phone, as when we work sitting in one place, many times we forget to hydrate ourselves that adds on to the muscle pain due to dehydration hence set water reminders and make it an excuse to walk all the way to water purifier to drink a glass of water. This way you will stay hydrated the entire day and also move more.

7. Exercise After Work:

You can avoid work-related pain not just when in office but also when you are outside the office. Follow a workout regime to stay fit overall. Exercise will counter the effects of the sedentary job as you will be working all your muscles.  This does not mean that you stop following the tips that we have discussed above as a one-hour workout cannot completely negate the effect of eight hours of sedentary time. You need to move when in office and also outside for your overall well-being.

While you cannot change the nature of your job, but you can make these small changes in the way you work so that the effect of a sedentary job on your health minimizes helping you get rid of work-related pains.


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