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7 Ways You Can Spoil Your Wife on Her Birthday

7 Ways You Can Spoil Your Wife on Her Birthday

Your SO’s birthday is just around the corner and you really want to make sure they know how much you appreciate them. You’ve got to step things up a bit and make it a real experience, rather than just a day where they turn a year older If you’re looking for ideas, then read on and see if any of them are the right option to spoil your spouse.

1. Spa Day

Everyone loves being pampered, and a spa day is really just professional pampering.

If your wife has a favorite spa, that might be the way to go, otherwise, you’ll want to shop around. That means vetting the places around you, look at the facilities themselves since a high price tag is often just a “luxury tax” that increases the value perception of the facility.

It may not be the right gift for all people, but give it a shot if you think your spouse might like it. For double points, you can even book a couple’s stay!

2. Kitchen Stuff

Does your wife like to cook?

If so, then a new appliance or kitchen tool might be just the thing. We often cheap out on non-essential appliances, for instance, and something like a high-end blender can make a huge difference even if it doesn’t see daily use.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a game-changer either. There are lots of little, convenient items that can make cooking go a lot smoother. Look into things like stainless steel mixing bowls, high-end spice grinders, and well-crafted cooking utensils as well.

3. Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is a common denominator when it comes to gifts for a significant other, but custom jewelry is more available(and more affordable) than ever before. Especially if you’re willing to step out of the world of standard fine jewelry.

Rather than going to the nearest jewelry store, poke your head around online. Marketplaces like Etsy are a good start but if you’re really looking for an artisan you can find them on Instagram or Facebook.

Just find someone with a style you like and inquire about what they can do for you. Most will take custom orders with no difficulty, and it’s much cheaper and more personal than just picking out a diamond and slotting it into one of the “custom” designs available at most commercial jewelers.

4. A New Pet

It’s a bit on the risky side, but if your significant other loves animals then why not bring home a new member of the family.

Just be sure to know which furry friends your wife prefers, the difference between cats and dogs is a big one and most people prefer one or the other.

You should also read up on the animal before you pick one. Different breeds have different needs, and health is always a big factor in finding a great pet.

This might be the riskiest way to spoil your wife on this list. It can either be a huge, positive change in both of your lives or a complete flop. It will very rarely fall in between. Still, as far as romantic gestures go, a new pet is top-notch.

6. Concert for a Favorite Band

Concert tickets are a big win for gifts, and chances are you can make them work in most instances. You’d be surprised at which bands are doing the rounds, especially if you’re not plugged into the music scene.

While shows can be expensive, they’re also amazing events. Pick something that she’ll enjoy and either pay for a couple of friends or go along for the ride depending on your feelings about the band.

It’s also not quite as obvious as many others on this list. Talk about a big surprise! Just make sure that you heard the name of her favorite band correctly.

7. Winery Tours or Wine Tasting

If you happen to live in wine country, then you already know that wine and wives go hand-in-hand. After all, there’s the entire “wine mom” movement across social media.

That makes it a sure win for spoiling your loved one when their birthday rolls around. Whether it’s an old favorite or a new hot-spot, it’s pretty much a guarantee of a good time. And hey, you may find a new wine for date nights as well!

Wineries offer quite a bit, and it’s worth a shot even if you’ve never been to one before. Whether it’s a new adventure or revisiting nostalgia… they’re always worth a look.

Pampering for a Special Day

Your wife only gets one birthday per year, so make sure that it’s memorable! Whether it’s a new experience, an upgrade of an old appliance, or even a new member of your family… there’s something to be said for putting a wide smile on her face! The only question, then, is how far you’re willing to go on their next birthday.


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