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8 Awesome Reasons to Follow Car Audio Logic Closely

8 Awesome Reasons to Follow Car Audio Logic Closely

A lot of what I know about car sound I learned by hanging around my dad and his friends. Over the years I’ve gravitated to people who love good sound as much as I do. Now my own friends teach me a lot about this fantastic world.

But there’s so much changing, and so much new stuff to learn. How do you keep up with it all?

I have found one place that has become my go-to for all things related to car sound. Not only do I get top reviews on new amplifiers and subwoofers, but I even get guidance on how to install them.

If you want to know what to pick for your car audio build, then this is the site with everything!

Here’s why I follow this site religiously.

Car Sound is a Culture
When a bunch of passionate people come together to create something awesome, the results are always amazing.

This isn’t a site put together by a bunch of people who want to make money. These guys are car sound fanatics, and they not only understand the culture behind the industry, but they determine much of it.

Car Audio Logic is a trendsetter in car sound news, advice and movements in the industry.

What’s cool and what’s not? These guys know. If there’s an inferior amp on the market, Car Audio Logic will spot it and warn their followers. If a great one comes out, they’ll be the first to find out.

Car sound isn’t their business, it’s their passion. And because they share the same passion I do, I make sure I stay close to their online publications and social media posts.

Sound Technical Advice
The advice I’ve received from Car Audio Logic has been priceless.

Not only have they helped me identify problems in my car sound system, but they’ve been accurate on all their technical information thus far.

Some of us know very little about the wiring and componential build of an amplifier or subwoofer. Others know a whole lot more. Car Audio Logic caters for both by providing introductory lessons to newbies, and more in-depth info for the experienced.

Unbiased Reviews
I guess the main reason I started following this site was because of their reviews. I needed to know the specifics of an amplifier I was considering, and wanted to find out about compatibility with what I already had.

The reviews I found was well written! Car Audio Logic weren’t afraid to point out negative aspects of the amp. But they also give credit where credit was due. Their review helped me make an informed decision about which amplifier to buy.

Today I trust their advice and critiques about amplifiers. A reputation like theirs is hard to find. They really know their car sound equipment better than anyone else I’ve found online.

Installation Guidance
A review is great, but a review that comes with a how-to guide on installation… invaluable!

The writers at Car Audio Logic have installed and tested the amps they review. So they have the knowledge to help you install yours.

Some of these installations can be tricky when it comes to;
–           concealment
–           protection
–           performance
–           integration
which is why I’d rather learn from someone else’s mistakes.

Valuable Info & Reviews on Subwoofers
I had a huge dilemma about which subwoofer to purchase. The choice was between two. One of them was cheaper, but the other had features I thought I needed. In the end I found out that the features of the cheaper one were all I needed; so I saved a bit of cash.

My information was on Google, who suggested a site I was already following: Car Audio Logic!

Subwoofers also feature on their site. It’s great to know that I can go to the same site for both, because the two are so interconnected—especially when you’re starting a new car sound build from scratch.

I got all the feature info I needed as well as some advice on how to install both.

Assistance for Car Sound Novices
Today I’ve installed and built up more systems than I can remember.

But my experience had a starting point. I didn’t know as much as I know now. I had to do a lot reading and doing to learn the industry of car sound.

Car Audio Logic caters for novices who aren’t sure of all the basics. Their ever-popular introduction to car audio course will update you on all the fundamentals.

New Trends for Car Sound Veterans
But if you already know everything there is a bout car sound, then you’re probably like me—waiting on the edge of your seat for something new to come out.

If you follow Car Audio Logic, you won’t miss a thing. They’re always on the lookout for industry news and fresh new ideas on car sound. They also snatch up any new devices on the market that are worth reviewing and ensure that you know all you need to know about them.

A List of the Highest Rated Amplifiers
Sometimes I don’t have time to sit and read through an entire blog or review. If I’m on my phone or in the middle of an online transaction, I need specs fast.

I like using the quick references and shortcuts on Car Audio Logic. If it’s a list of top rated amplifiers you want, they have a great one waiting for you.

It’s a great site for anyone who takes car sound seriously—and those who have an authentic love for all things car audio related.


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