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8 Best luggage storage station to put your bag safely in New York City

8 Best luggage storage station to put your bag safely in New York City

Are you heading to New York in these vacations but are worried about the baggage that you are carrying along then give your worries a goodbye as New York offers a large number of storage spaces where you can dump your bag and baggage and enjoy a trip of the city. 

Do sight-seeing and even shop unlimited for your loved ones without that excess burden of luggage on your shoulders.  

You’ve just arrived at your location, but for a couple of hours the Airbnb will not be accessible. What are you going to do? You might begin investigating the town, but nothing destroys more than getting dragged around bulky luggage than an exciting adventure.

Sure, at some locations in airports and rail facilities you could fall your bags off, or maybe lease a luggage storage New York City closet somewhere, but sometimes you can also find some better choices out there. All you need to do is to log in to the website and do some research work and find the best place to dump those heavy bags to enjoy hands free trip.

These facilities are not only helpful for tourists, but they can also be handy for locals who want to quit their briefcase or shoulder bag before going over to happy hour. However, it should be observed that the insurance supplied by these facilities may not cover all of your bags, so be ready to check the fine print. These facilities also suggest that you do not simply store products such as jewelry, money or brittle products in your pockets, so be ready to throw your costly products in a bag or daypack if necessary and store them without paying any extra charge.

Here is the list of few destinations where you can easily store your luggage at independent storage lockers with the help of vertoe

Fulton station

South ferry

Battery park

East village

Unique square

Chelsea market

Madison Square Park

Barclay’s centre

If you still do not feel perfectly comfortable with the services of the storage units then it is the best option to leave your luggage with the hotel where you have stayed. You can simply go ahead and talk to the manager or staff and request them to keep your luggage till the time of your flight and then if they agree you can keep your luggage and yes do not forget to pay them when you come back to collect the same.

Yes!! It is not always possible to find a storage unit service nearby then the best option is to find one near the airport so that you do not end up missing your flight. There are a lot of shops and even local residents that offer the service where you can store your luggage with them and can pay the fees and take it back and head to your flight.

New York is a very big and busy city and actually witnesses a number of tourists every year, thus the city also offers a number of storage unit services that help the tourists to keep their bags and comfortably roam around and catch some beautiful memories. 

One of these luggage storage New York City services that offer the best and trustworthy experience is leading luggage storage company i.e  Vertoe. All you need is to login to the website and get all the details with prices. It is a well known place to store your things and has no issues at the time of taking it back. The website also offers an insurance claim of $5000 for theft or any other issue with your baggage. So next time when you visit the city do not forget to stack those bags with Vertoe and enjoy your trip without getting tired by strolling heavy suitcases unnecessarily with this best luggage storage New York City. 


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