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8 Best Woodland Vacation Spots for a Student Getaway

8 Best Woodland Vacation Spots for a Student Getaway

Everyone has a safe choice of visiting new cities and countries during their vacation trip. Yet, you can easily get overwhelmed by the lack of scenery change. If you feel demotivated to move any further from the couch, you probably need a breath of fresh air.

Many people choose secluded destinations to have a break from crowded spaces. Your perfect destination depends on the type of activity you prefer. Some love hiking from early morning till dusk, while others would spend hours chilling near crystal clear lakes.

As a student, you can benefit from a nature retreat. It is especially important to reduce stress and anxiety after a long semester of writing essays with WritePaper and completing your exams. After all, you have a long journey of a new semester and a budding career ahead. The last thing you want is to tire yourself even more.

Resorts in Woodlands

The Green O

Location: Greenough, Montana, USA

This nature-escape spot offers you a luxurious adventure in a pine forest. Everything here is designed and looked after for creating the best getaway from your daily routines. It may be one of the best experiences for you and your friends, as The Green O offers various accommodation spots. You can choose this spot any season because you can find an activity you would like any time of the year.

You can also find different wellness spots and services situated nearby the resort, from spa centers to mindfulness professionals who will teach you about yoga and meditation. Be sure to plan your trip and book your stay beforehand.

The Cob Barn

Location: Lilydale, Australia

If you ever wanted to visit a fairytale spot, The Cob Barn and its rainforests of northern Tasmania would provide you with it. You can enjoy long walks beside the mountain stream and investigate Misty Mountain Peonies farm and plant nursery. Somehow, the cozy barn where you will live gives a Hobbit vibe, but in its own way. It’s best to visit in late December to appreciate the flowering season here.

Australia is a must-visit at least once in your life. Your early winter vacation is the best time to enjoy the unique scenery and nature of Tasmania.


Location: Ględy, Poland

Glendoria is residing in the forest age, surrounded by hills, meadows, and pastures. Poland is one of the most student-friendly destinations in Europe and has a lot of places to explore. In Glendoria, you can enjoy a careless countryside atmosphere, relax, and enjoy walks through green hills and near clear lakes. What else can you dream of after a stressful semester?

You can also enjoy all attractions that Glendoria offers, everything from bike rides, kayaking, and Nordic walking. Meanwhile, if you miss some urban entertainment, you can visit a local cinema, library, and suspended bar.

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge

Location: Skärsjön, Sweden

This Swedish getaway is located in an astonishing spruce forest that offers you a unique camping experience. There are no usual retreat conveniences, but you will find enough accommodation to feel cozy. This is the perfect place to submerge into nature and forget about your urban life for a moment.

You can choose one of many forest trails for hiking and fishing or rent a rowing boat at lakes. It’s not a completely secluded experience, and you can meet other travelers and shop at supermarkets nearby.

National Parks and Camping Spots

Redwood National Park

Location: Orick, California, USA

Redwood Park is a real gem in the heart of California and a home to the tallest trees in the world. These magical forests would make you forget about your worries. As a bonus, you still get to visit the beaches of California, but first you get a chance to relax away from crowded spots.

Be sure to visit Stout Grove, one of the most famous old-growth Redwoods in the park. Fern Canyon, Avenue of Giants, and Redwood Creek Overlook will re-energize you for your upcoming plans.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Location: Colorado, USA

Rocky Mountain Park is located in the highest spot in the USA. The first thing you might want to do is to drive through Trail Ridge Road, called a road to the sky. After that, you can choose anything, stargazing surrounded by pine forest or seeing the sunrise at Bear Lake.

Don’t forget to see Alberta Falls and a Holzwarth historic site, where you can learn about Colorado settlers. Be cautious visiting Rocky Mountain Park during winter, as it’s notorious for potential avalanches.

Riserva Naturale Monte Velino

Location: Magliano de’ Marsi, Italy

Monte Velino is the number one destination for every student who wants to appreciate European nature. If you plan to do exchange programs, be sure to put Italy on your top destinations for study list and get to visit various national parks there. Monte Velino is a reservation park that is designed to learn more about the region’s history with some hidden buildings, locals who can offer you goods, and hiking through the mountains and forests.

Be sure to visit Fontecchio, the medieval village, Alba Fucens, the ancient Roman colony, and Stifle Caves. You can also enjoy horse riding, bike routes, and trekking.

Cairngorms National Park

Location: Scotland

The Cairngorms is famous for its biggest and best-connected forest in Scotland, with more than half of the existing Caledonian forest. Scotland is the perfect nature retreat destination, with a variety of beautiful sceneries and activities you can engage in. You can find inner peace when hiking or enjoying local attractions, so it’s highly recommended to come here.

You also get to learn a lot about local culture and historic sights. For instance, three out of ten Castles one must see are located in Cairngorms National Park.

Earth is beautiful and full of picturesque sites that we must protect. It would probably take several decades to visit each beautiful woodland getaway, but you have to start somewhere.

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, mosquito repellent, several pairs of socks, and wear comfy shoes. Even if you don’t like hiking, you will find an inexplicable urge to walk as much as you can while being outdoors.


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