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8 Marketing Trends To Take Note of This Year

8 Marketing Trends To Take Note of This Year

Marketing in the digital age means learning to adapt to new strategies or suffer the consequences. In a world where a huge chunk of the population is glued to their internet-connected smartphones, it makes sense to pay attention to online marketing trends to see which ones are applicable to your business. For 2019, these are the trends that can spread the word about your venture:

Influencer Marketing

You can spend so much money on advertising and still see zero conversions. So rather than spread the message yourself, you can look into having someone else do that for you. Many brands do just that with actual celebrities, but you don’t have to go that far.

With the rise of influencers on Instagram, it’s just a matter of finding the right “influencer” to help you out. Of course, some of them would need convincing when it comes to the merit of your product or service so you better make sure you have something good to offer.

Tapping a local influencer to promote what you have to offer takes time. You have to get to know the person you are tasking with online marketing, which is a task that will take time, not mere minutes, to complete.

Video Marketing

If in the past the focus was on textual content like blog posts, the last few years have shown just how important other content forms are. Video, in particular, has enjoyed being a major part of digital marketing strategies.

Businesses that incorporated video into their marketing strategy have seen an improvement in their conversion rate. After all, if you can demonstrate that the product you are trying to sell actually works then it gives a potential customer a good reason to buy it.

Video has been employed as a marketing tool for many years, but it is seeing a boost in recent times thanks to technology advances that have made video production not that expensive. A smartphone with a great camera can be used to create promotional material.

When it comes to video, it’s not all about uploading to YouTube. There are other avenues where you can use video to your advantage, including Facebook and Instagram. For example, you can do a Facebook Live session or share short clips on Instagram.

Videos provide an opportunity to show consumers more about your brand. For example, customers can be given a “behind the scenes” look of your operations or even a tour of your offices.

A popular trend these days is 360-degree video. While this may seem like a neat concept, you also have to look into whether or not this can work for your business. If you’re a tour operator, it would make perfect sense to make use of 360-degree videos to showcase the places that will be visited on your offered tours.

There’s a lot of creative things you can do with video. Instead of publishing a straightforward video, you can integrate text, images, and animation to make it more attractive. If you’re marketing your blog, you can drop a link to a particular post you’d like viewers to read that is related to what you’re talking about on video.

Voice Search Marketing

You have probably heard about Alexa A LOT the past year. It’s this device you can “talk” to when you want to know the weather or have some pizza delivered (Domino’s uses voice search technology). There is a level of convenience to issuing a voice command, especially if you need to use both hands. For instance, you can ask Google for film schedules while doing the laundry.

So how can you make use of voice marketing for your business? For one, you could think of a “skill” for your brand, which can be used by Alexa. An example for this is the Food Network Skill that allows users to ask for a recipe seen in an episode or by ingredient, just to name a few.

Another way to take use voice search marketing is to optimize for voice search. A simple way to do this is to provide an answer to a question that someone might ask. This will serve as your snippet, which Alexa will “read” as an answer to a query.


You see this when you log into Netflix. So why not apply the concept to your marketing strategy? Delivering custom content isn’t that difficult thanks to available data on purchase history and links clicked, for example.

Online marketing is not an easy task. Your content can be drowned out thanks to the million things published every single day. However, making connections and knowing how to use technologies to your advantage can bring in new customers.



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