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8 Reasons to consider starting an anonymous blog

8 Reasons to consider starting an anonymous blog

We live in a world where everyone wants to share what is happening in their lives. There will always be someone to read your blog when you post. The question you should ask yourself is, “Are you ready to deal with the criticism and judgment that comes with your words?” there is no problem with sharing. However, you need to know that people will always judge you for what you say. You can protect yourself by starting an anonymous blog.

An anonymous blog allows you to post without revealing your identity to your audience. Here are reasons you can consider having an anonymous blog.

  1. You want to separate your real and online life

If you want to separate your online and real life, you might want to blog anonymously. That will ensure that your opinions do not affect your personal and professional lives. You can speak freely about what you are passionate about without suffering any repercussions.

  • You want to protect your reputation

You might want to speak about something but you are afraid that it will negatively affect your reputation. Your family and friends probably do not approve of what you want to talk about. If you want to air your views without having it leak to your professional and social circles, you can post anonymously.

  • Shame

You might want to talk about a sensitive subject that the society considers shameful. You believe it is an important conversation to have but you also know that you will be victimized if your identity is revealed. There are sensitive topics like sexual assault, debt, divorce and others that are regarded with shame. If you want to talk about it and believe it is important, you can consider starting an online blog. This will give you a voice while protecting your identity.

  • You want to protect the identity of others

By having an anonymous blog, you give other people a voice. They can post anonymously and air their struggles or issues they might be facing. For instance, if one was sexually abused, they can post without worrying they will be victimized. In this era where cyber bullying is rampant, the need to keep identities hidden has never been greater. Your blog can give others the security they are looking for enabling them to freely air their views.

  • The subject you want to tackle is controversial 

At times you might want to speak about something controversial. It does not have to be related to your profession but can be something you are passionate about. There are different reasons you might want to remain anonymous including security reasons or to protect your personal image or protect yourself legally. If you are a whistleblower, this is where anonymous blogs helps with your personal safety by keeping your identity secret.

  • Non-compete

You can find your clients or former employers put a non-compete clause in your contract. While this may limit you from doing certain things using your name, there is no clause for anonymity. You can post anonymously until the period of your non-compete ceases. This will ensure you do not get into trouble with former clients or employers. 

  • No distractions

If you want to go back to writing without getting disturbed by people who know you, you can consider going anonymous. If you are successful in a different field, people might start comparing your current work with your previous work. This can be a source of distraction that takes you away from your goal. By writing anonymously, you ensure you can still keep in touch with your fans without having your previous successes shoved on your face.

  • You are a writing novice

If you are new at writing, you are bound to make mistakes. However, you do not want your mistakes to be a reflection of who you are. Before you get the hang of things, you can consider posting anonymously. That way, you will not be judged for your lack of experience in blogging. It will help you work freely without bringing your real life professional or social issues into your blog. As long as you produce quality blogs, people will continue reading and you will keep learning to find way to improve your content.

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