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8 Reasons Why You Should Never Try to Repair Your Own Phone

8 Reasons Why You Should Never Try to Repair Your Own Phone

In the United States, two smartphone screens break every second. This has created a 3.4 billion dollar screen repair industry. Mind you, screen breaks just scratch the surface of the problems a phone can run into.

Therein lies the reason why on just about every street corner, you see a smartphone repair shop popping up.

Given the popularity of phone issues and the DIY movement, several people have taken it upon themselves to get handy and try to repair their own problems. In some cases that initiative can lead to affordable repairs. Most times though, it leads to a more severely broken phone.

Not convinced? Keep reading.

Below, we share a handful of reasons why you shouldn’t tackle a DIY phone repair.

1. You’ll Void Your Warranty

When you break your phone’s screen, it may be tempting to buy some parts online and swap things out yourself. Here’s the deal though, if you crack your phone open to get its screen swapped, there’s a chance you’ll void your phone’s warranty.

The only entities that can open up your phone without hurting its warranty are your phone’s manufacturer or repair people that have been approved by your manufacturer.

Without a warranty, if your phone suffers a covered internal issue later, you’ll have to pay to get that fixed out of pocket.

2. Chances for Creating Additional Problems Are High

Cracking your phone open means creating a lot of potential for disaster. One wrong pull of a wire and you may break a cable that could render your phone inoperable.

Is it really worth trying to save a few bucks by side-stepping experienced water damaged phone repairs and risking the entire value of your phone in the process? We certainly don’t think so.

3. DIY Repair Takes Time

Even if you execute your smartphone repair perfectly, believe us when we say that doing so is going to take time. You’re going to watch tons of YouTube videos, you’re going to have to order parts, the repair will be a painstaking process, and so on.

All of that time you spend pouring into your phone you could have spent doing any number of other things. Is saving some money on formal repairs worth the lost time? Only you can answer that question so take the time to reflect on it.

4. Repairs Are Harder Than They Look on YouTube

We’ve all been in that place where we watch someone fix a phone on YouTube and think, “I can do that.” Here’s the thing though, the people that are showcasing their phone repair skills online are professionals.

These people have been trial and erroring phone repairs for years and probably messed up a phone or two in the past getting to where they are today. If you’d rather not trial and error with your phone’s health, appreciate from the get-go that you are not as skilled as the person on YouTube that’s making their repair process look like a breeze.

5. Your Manufacturer May Be Ready to Help

For those of you that are looking up phone repair costs and feel DIY is the only way to go because you can’t afford what’s being asked, pause for a moment. Does your manufacturer offer discounted services for people that bought their phones within a certain span of time? Does your phone qualify for those discounted services?

You never know what’s available to you until you ask so before you start trying to do your own repairs, call your manufacturer and ask what your options are. You may be surprised by the rates they’re able to offer.

6. It’s Hard to Source Quality Replacement Parts

Where are you going to get your parts for your DIY phone repair? Your manufacturer and their licensed repair network all source OEM parts from a single parts maker.

You, on the other hand, may not have access to those reliable parts. That’ll leave you with pulling random parts off of eBay that may provide sub-par performance. We’ve even seen third-party parts break other parts of a phone.

7. Investments Have to Be Made

In addition to investing in parts, the tools required to conduct most smartphone repairs are going to set you back cash. Granted, the investment for most tools isn’t exorbitantly expensive. Still, when you consider the cost of a $25 specialty toolset and $50 worth of parts, does it really make sense to not pay the rate pros are charging you for repairs?

Our guess is the nominal savings aren’t worth the major aggravation and risk.

8. Getting Help Is Affordable

If you haven’t gotten a quote from your local fix your iPhone / fix your smartphone shop, get one. Time and again, we see people shocked by just how affordable it is to work with local professionals.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting a quote so search “smartphone repair near me” and see what you find.

Smartphone Repair Is Best Left to the Professionals

In reading this post, you’ve likely surmised that our position on smartphone repair is that it’s best left to professionals. Getting professional help on a repair ensures its efficacy, saves you time, and also helps the local repair economy.

All of those benefits, in our view, are worth investing in and we hope you feel the same way.

If you’d like additional context on phone repair, we welcome you to explore more of the tech content we have available on our blog.

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