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8 Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

8 Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

Everyone wants their wedding day to be the most memorable affair, but it is perplexing to keep all things in order throughout the function. Apart from the right flowers and the torn veils, brides and grooms constantly worry about whether their guests are enjoying being there. Your guests will expect some entertainment and thus it can be challenging to come up with ideas. You definitely do not want to repeat the fireworks that you witnessed in the last gathering and so, you need a new set of ideas for guest entertainment. 

Here, we have curated 8 such wedding entertainment ideas to engage your guests and wow them:

1. Set Up a Photo Booth

Be it an entertainment park or a party, photo booths are always fun. Having one in your wedding event can attract your guests to get silly with the props and share intimate moments with their friends and partners. They would all be dressed up,  groomed, and looking graceful, which will make them want to take more pictures. Setting up a themed booth in a caravan or a cart can add to the aesthetic of your event. You can hire a professional photographer to capture those precious moments that you would cherish after a few years. By installing a photo booth at your wedding, you are crafting a hilarious wedding photo album for yourself.

2. Set Up a Casino Table

Casinos are the epitome of entertainment which you can use to grab your guests’ attention. You can set a few ground rules for the play. Instead of losing money, they can win chips, making it more fun than stressful. The winner with the highest chips can receive a prize. The casino table can continue along with dinner, keeping free guests occupied and entertained. This idea will be a hit and we are sure that your guests will talk about it for weeks.

3. Hire a Live Band

If you call yourself a music fanatic and you do not have a live band for your wedding, are you even doing it right? Live bands are, hands down the best idea when choosing entertainment to uplift the spirit of any event, instead of playing those boring playlists. They not only make your wedding memorable, but also leave a mark and an impression on your guests. Live music makes the ambiance magical and your guests wouldn’t want to leave the venue. You can also request the band to change the beats over time for your guests to shake a leg post dinner.

4. Get a Magician

Magic is fancied by kids and adults alike with the fascinating mind games and puzzling disappearing tricks. Getting a magician at your wedding reception will add to applauds you will receive and guarantee entertainment for your guests. Also, it is not too expensive to hire a good magician, adding to the wedding budget relief. The magic sessions can be segmented in between dinner time or when your guests take a dancing break. Nobody should feel isolated and bored at your lively wedding party.

5. Plan a Treasure Hunt

A wedding scavenger hunt is always sought out by people of all ages, which will guarantee you 100% guest participation. You can divide your guests into teams and hand out clues to follow, which will lead them to the final treasure or prize. This will increase interaction amongst guests while they try to figure out the next clue. You can also hand out a list of items on the clue cards to collect, such as breath mints, keys, stamps, lipsticks, toffees, hairbrush or similar items that you can find in any woman’s purse. The team who collects maximum items wins a prize.

6. Get Tattoo Artists and Caricaturists

Many of your guests may be fond of getting tattoos, but never have, out of fear. They will have the opportunity of finally getting at least a tiny, minimal tattoo at your wedding, which they would cherish forever. Although tattoos can be expensive to get, you can hire professional tattoo artists that can give you offers for an entire package instead of individual designs. You can also request to set up a needless, temporary tattoo art station for kids who would like to get some colorful art on their hands.

Caricaturists will add to the comedy by doodling your guests into funny portraits which they can take home. Get a caricature of you and your spouse as well, which can be framed and revered as a memorable moment. Children will specifically love getting their caricatures done, thus making your wedding a fun event for your tiny guests too.

7. Plan a Dance-Off

While you are sending your wedding invitations to your guests, ask them whether they would be interested in a dance-off and to RSVP their favorite song. You can then gather your friends, bridesmaids and the interested guests, divide them into teams and choreograph them separately to prepare them for a dance-off. You can then gather them all at the end to prepare a tiny flash mob dance sequence. The practice session it would be fun. Your guests will thoroughly enjoy the show, which will make it one of the most enduring episodes of your special event.

8. Install a Karaoke System

Setting up a karaoke system at your wedding is another amusing tactic for you and your guests. Getting tipsy on a few glasses of Prosecco and singing your hearts out to your favorite songs will turn out to be a fun everlasting memory. Installing karaoke systems with judging scores can add an edge to the fun, with the highest scoring team or individual winning a prize. You can hire photographers and videographers to capture those precious moments. Save this event for the last to end your terrific night with a bang. 

All these ideas combined are suited for people of all ages, which is exactly what you are aiming for. No guest at your wedding should feel left out or deprived of fun and having a good time. To make your day more successful, plan to have more than one entertainment idea  instead of implementing just one, and you will be sure to have a fun and lively wedding that will be remembered. 

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