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9 Advantages of Cryptocurrency for Moving Companies Customer

9 Advantages of Cryptocurrency for Moving Companies Customer

Cryptocurrency is gaining a public eye as the digital currency over the past few years. The main reason for its popularity is decentralization without any authority to govern it. The definition of cryptocurrency- it is a digital currency created and managed through advanced encryption technology known as cryptography.

Moving customers should prefer it over other traditional payment transaction modes. The reason is simple it is helpful in preventing the identity of the sender and transactions happen almost instantly. In fact, “California Movers: Local & Long distance moving company” was the first company in moving industry which started excepting Ethereum and BitCoin as payment for services.

In this article, you will find the advantages of cryptocurrency and positive aspects that are responsible for making it a workable alternative in the financial trade.

  1. Asset Transfers

Cryptocurrency helps to transfer the “large property rights database” which enforces two-party contracts on commodities like automobiles or real estate. There is no limitation but can also helpful in transferring the specialist modes of transfer. For an instance, cryptocurrency contracts don’t require third-party approvals and allow choosing the transaction on future date or time.  Since you are the currency holder, this will minimize the expense involved in making asset transfer.

  1. Online Transactions

In traditional business dealings, agents, legal representative, brokers, etc can add more money to the online transaction which would otherwise be a straightforward online transaction. The main benefit of cryptocurrency transfer is it is one to one interaction with peer to peer network without any third party involvement. This creates less confusion to whom to send the money. There are two parties who know each other.

  1. Greater Access to Credit

The access to cryptocurrency is easily available to anyone having a viable internet connection, knowledge of cryptocurrency network and access to relevant sites or portals. There is estimation that 2.2 billion people have the internet connection but not access to the traditional banking system. The cryptocurrency holds the potential to transfer your home or office with the greater access to credit and instant approvals.

  1. Lower Transaction Fees

There is a lower transaction fee for cryptocurrency as compared to other payment systems. There is compensation by the cryptocurrency network and usually, transaction fees don’t apply. The third-party fees are applicable if you use wallet management services for creating and maintaining your wallet such as Coinbase. The best thing is charges are still less in comparison to other financial systems.

  1. Privacy

With the traditional system, your information about credit card is stored during the transaction. This information is used by agencies or bank to know the amount of funds you have in your account. This is also called pull mechanism as information is pulled by the agencies. On the other hand, transaction through cryptocurrency is confidential working on push mechanism where there is full control over the information exchange during the transaction. Moving customers want to save their identity during the transaction and this helps in saving it.

  1. Easier International Trade

Although cryptocurrency is unrecognized at the national level, they are not subject to transaction charges, exchange rate and interest rate imposed by the country. It uses peer to peer network with cross-border transactions and transactions without any fluctuation over currency exchange.

  1. Security

Cryptocurrency is not reversed back in comparison to traditional credit card transfer where there are chargebacks. This helps to be fraud proof and there is a specific agreement between buyer and seller regarding funds if there are mistake and need of the refund.   The strong encryption technology with the ledger during transaction safeguards it against fraud and account tampering.

  1. Ownership

Unless you have not selected third party for your wallet management, you’re the sole owner of public and private encryption keys for your cryptocurrency network. The world is moving from centralized world to decentralization. As it is more secure, no point of failure, safer against corruption. Cryptocurrency has become more widely used digital currency, thus the market has created a demand for decentralization that has the potential to make the transaction level secured.

  1. Transparency

There is transparency of transaction while it maintains the privacy on the blockchain. Transparency is crucial as there are no fake transactions providing you to track the payment. There is a transparency between the wallet from where the transaction takes place and at the receiving end represented by the string of numbers called wallet address.

These are the most important advantages of cryptocurrency. Use this advanced method of payment to transfer and remain worry-free during your home or office transfer.

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