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9 Exclusive Apps To De-Stress You This Holiday Season

9 Exclusive Apps To De-Stress You This Holiday Season

The holiday season is like a boon for people to have a refreshing break from their hectic lifestyle. But it comes along with a lot of stress of organizing multiple things simultaneously. In order to cope up with this anxiety, your smartphone and its exclusive apps can be the best tool.

There are several apps which takes a great iOS app development company to create something innovative are out there in the market that can ease your stress this holiday season. But it’s difficult to choose the best amongst these. Therefore, we have researched and created a list of nine exclusive apps for making it through the holidays. Let’s take a look at each one of these individually.

  1. For Booking Hotels, Cars, Short Term Rentals, & Cleaning Services Easily

It’s mandatory for you to do hotel booking prior to planning your holidays. You can explore the TravelPirates to avail great deals on affordable hotels. Also, they provide rental cars, vacation packages, flights, etc.

The holiday season comes with a great demand for rental cars so that people can easily move from one exciting location to another. is a superb app for providing cars on rent.

In a case when you or your group require more space than a hotel room, you can explore apps like Airbnb or HomeAway who provides short-term rentals in your specific area with superb spaces at cheap costs. Also, if you are expecting guests to visit your home during holidays, check out apps like Handy to connect you with affordable cleaning services to make your home neat before and after guests.

  1. For Travelling Freely & Avoiding Hassle

Getting stuck in traffic can be one of the most frustrating experiences you have on your holidays. But for beating traffic, there is a popular community-based traffic and navigation app which is known as Waze.

You can use this app as a GPS when traveling. Also, it updates you on heavy traffic, accidents, and road closures in the direction you are moving. This app also notifies you about the cheapest petrol pumps on your route.

  1. For Sending Out Personalized Invites To The Group Members

For inviting everyone on your holiday list, you can take help of Punchbowl which is an app meant for sending personalized invites to the guests. In order to send invites you can use plain text, handmade art, your pictures, or any of their designs in the stock. This app also helps you to track down the status of every guest by sending notifications when you get a reply from any of them.

  1. Getting, Groceries Delivered At Your Doorstep

Shopping for groceries can be one of the most challenging and tedious tasks prior to your holidays. But Peapod is an efficient grocery delivery app that allows you to choose the relevant items online and decide the time when you want them to get delivered to you.

  1. For Playing Unique & Fun-Filled Games

You can’t enjoy your holidays without playing fun-filled games with the people in your group. Heads Up is an app specifically built for group games. Basically, the app provides the player with a word or name that he/she has to hold up without looking at it. Then, the rest of the group has to act it out so that you can guess correctly.

  1. For Performing Multiple Tasks Efficiently

You need to manage multiple things simultaneously before beginning your holidays. In order to keep a track of all these tasks and managing them easily, you can check out Todoist. It is a free app with a simple and distraction-free design that lets you manage all your tasks efficiently.

  1. For Organizing & Finalizing Gifts For The Guests

When the time comes to bid adieu to your guests, you have to give them some gifts as a token or souvenir that they can keep with them always to cherish some special moments from the holidays.

For keeping a track of your gift ideas, you can use The Christmas List which is an easy-to-use and intuitive app to record all your gift ideas and confirming them one at a time when you shop for gifts.

In addition, there are some other popular apps such as Cool Hunting Gift Guide, Santa’s Bag, Real Simple Gift Guide for tracking all your gift purchases and discovering unique gift items that fit in any budget. Also, these apps archive your gifts after holidays so that you can start back up again next time.

  1. For Managing & Monitoring Finances

The holidays might burn a hole in your pocket, so you have to keep an eye on your finances. For doing this, you can check out an app like Level Money. This app allows you to keep a proper track of your finances and give you an idea of the money which you can spend in accordance with your current finances.

  1. For Decompressing & Relaxing

Without a doubt, holidays can be amazing but after it ends you need to relax a little bit so that to resume your daily routine as soon as possible. In order to give some quality time to yourself, you can explore Buddhify which is an exclusive app comprises of guided meditation sessions that help you to decompress.

There’s nothing better at relaxing than knowing you’ve landed your dream job. It’s not easy to get jobs in this digital age and one of the important factors is your resume. It has to be impactful to make a first impression. Check out these product manager resume templates to send for job applications.

These apps can be extremely useful to you in getting all your stuff done this holiday season. You can take help of such apps and enjoy your holidays to the fullest with your family and friends so that to give a fresh kick start your work and everyday life.

Author Bio: Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content crafter at Arkenea, a custom software development company helping entrepreneurs and businesses build successful web and mobile apps. She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.

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