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9 Exclusive Apps To De-Stress You This Holiday Season



The holiday season is like a boon for people to have a refreshing break from their hectic lifestyle. But it comes along with a lot of stress of organizing multiple things simultaneously. In order to cope up with this anxiety, your smartphone and its exclusive apps can be the best tool.

There are several apps which takes a great iOS app development company to create something innovative are out there in the market that can ease your stress this holiday season. But it’s difficult to choose the best amongst these. Therefore, we have researched and created a list of nine exclusive apps for making it through the holidays. Let’s take a look at each one of these individually.

  1. For Booking Hotels, Cars, Short Term Rentals, & Cleaning Services Easily

It’s mandatory for you to do hotel booking prior to planning your holidays. You can explore the TravelPirates to avail great deals on affordable hotels. Also, they provide rental cars, vacation packages, flights, etc.

The holiday season comes with a great demand for rental cars so that people can easily move from one exciting location to another. is a superb app for providing cars on rent.

In a case when you or your group require more space than a hotel room, you can explore apps like Airbnb or HomeAway who provides short-term rentals in your specific area with superb spaces at cheap costs. Also, if you are expecting guests to visit your home during holidays, check out apps like Handy to connect you with affordable cleaning services to make your home neat before and after guests.

  1. For Travelling Freely & Avoiding Hassle

Getting stuck in traffic can be one of the most frustrating experiences you have on your holidays. But for beating traffic, there is a popular community-based traffic and navigation app which is known as Waze.

You can use this app as a GPS when traveling. Also, it updates you on heavy traffic, accidents, and road closures in the direction you are moving. This app also notifies you about the cheapest petrol pumps on your route.

  1. For Sending Out Personalized Invites To The Group Members

For inviting everyone on your holiday list, you can take help of Punchbowl which is an app meant for sending personalized invites to the guests. In order to send invites you can use plain text, handmade art, your pictures, or any of their designs in the stock. This app also helps you to track down the status of every guest by sending notifications when you get a reply from any of them.

  1. Getting, Groceries Delivered At Your Doorstep

Shopping for groceries can be one of the most challenging and tedious tasks prior to your holidays. But Peapod is an efficient grocery delivery app that allows you to choose the relevant items online and decide the time when you want them to get delivered to you.

  1. For Playing Unique & Fun-Filled Games

You can’t enjoy your holidays without playing fun-filled games with the people in your group. Heads Up is an app specifically built for group games. Basically, the app provides the player with a word or name that he/she has to hold up without looking at it. Then, the rest of the group has to act it out so that you can guess correctly.

  1. For Performing Multiple Tasks Efficiently

You need to manage multiple things simultaneously before beginning your holidays. In order to keep a track of all these tasks and managing them easily, you can check out Todoist. It is a free app with a simple and distraction-free design that lets you manage all your tasks efficiently.

  1. For Organizing & Finalizing Gifts For The Guests

When the time comes to bid adieu to your guests, you have to give them some gifts as a token or souvenir that they can keep with them always to cherish some special moments from the holidays.

For keeping a track of your gift ideas, you can use The Christmas List which is an easy-to-use and intuitive app to record all your gift ideas and confirming them one at a time when you shop for gifts.

In addition, there are some other popular apps such as Cool Hunting Gift Guide, Santa’s Bag, Real Simple Gift Guide for tracking all your gift purchases and discovering unique gift items that fit in any budget. Also, these apps archive your gifts after holidays so that you can start back up again next time.

  1. For Managing & Monitoring Finances

The holidays might burn a hole in your pocket, so you have to keep an eye on your finances. For doing this, you can check out an app like Level Money. This app allows you to keep a proper track of your finances and give you an idea of the money which you can spend in accordance with your current finances.

  1. For Decompressing & Relaxing

Without a doubt, holidays can be amazing but after it ends you need to relax a little bit so that to resume your daily routine as soon as possible. In order to give some quality time to yourself, you can explore Buddhify which is an exclusive app comprises of guided meditation sessions that help you to decompress.

There’s nothing better at relaxing than knowing you’ve landed your dream job. It’s not easy to get jobs in this digital age and one of the important factors is your resume. It has to be impactful to make a first impression. Check out these product manager resume templates to send for job applications.

These apps can be extremely useful to you in getting all your stuff done this holiday season. You can take help of such apps and enjoy your holidays to the fullest with your family and friends so that to give a fresh kick start your work and everyday life.

Author Bio: Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content crafter at Arkenea, a custom software development company helping entrepreneurs and businesses build successful web and mobile apps. She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.

Authors bio: Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content creator at Studyclerk, a custom software development company helping entrepreneurs and businesses build successful web and mobile apps. She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.


Transform your practice with AI-powered medical billing. See how Transcure’s services increased collections & reduced denials for MD TruCare.



How a Medical Billing Company in Texas Helped a Psychiatry Practice Thrive with AI

Have you ever imagined a situation in which medical billing operates seamlessly, allowing your staff to focus on what truly matters – patient care? Well, MD TruCare, a Texas-based psychiatry practice, addressed a common challenge in the healthcare industry, e.g., inefficiencies in billing operations. This led to a backlog of unpaid accounts and claim denials. However, by partnering with Transcure, a local medical billing company, TruCare was able to improve its billing processes significantly. Let’s delve into how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) transformed MD TruCare’s billing processes, leading to smoother workflows, reduced denials, and a much healthier bottom line. 

The Struggle is Real: Mountains of Medical Billing Challenges

Like many medical practices, this practice struggled with inefficient billing, which resulted in frequent claim denials and a substantial backlog of accounts receivable (AR). The staff spent a significant portion of their workday, averaging 15-20 hours each week, navigating through paperwork like data entry for claims and prior authorizations. This not only impacted the practice’s financial performance but also compromised the quality of patient care. 

Here’s a glimpse into the challenges MD TruCare was facing:

  •  Revenue Loss: Late claim submissions resulted in lost revenue.
  •  AR Backlog: Uncollected patient’s payments weighed heavily on their finances.
  •  Duplicate Billing: Errors in processing led to wasted time and frustrated patients.
  •  Coding Confusion: Claim denials due to inaccurate coding, often caused by workload pressures and human errors.
  • Staff Strain: Burned-out staff needed more time to dedicate to patients.

The Solution: RPA, the game changer!

Transcure, a leading medical billing company in Texas and a trusted revenue cycle management partner, knew precisely what MD TruCare needed –  Robotic Process Automation. The RPA system is like a super-smart rulebook with over 4 million rules, which automatically spots any issues with claims before they’re sent out. The result? An impressive 98% of claims get accepted and paid the first time, so you get your reimbursements faster.

Think of RPA as tireless, error-free assistants who take over repetitive tasks. In this practice, these digital heroes tackled the following:

  • Data Entry: No more manual entry, minimizing errors, and freeing up staff for more important things.
  • Claim Submission: Timely submissions meant fewer denials and faster reimbursements.
  • Coding Efficiency: RPA ensured accurate coding practices, maximizing claim acceptance. 

The Results Speak Louder Than Denials

By automating these tasks with the help of Transcure, a Texas medical billing company, MD TruCare witnessed a remarkable transformation. Here’s how RPA empowered them:

  • Maximized Efficiency: Dr. Khawaja, CEO of MD TruCare, reported a staggering 40% increase in operational efficiency. Staff, relieved of billing burdens, could finally focus on patient interaction.
  • Optimized Revenue: RPA’s precision and consistency led to a 30% increase in overall collections. With fewer errors and faster processing, revenue flowed more smoothly.
  • Reduced Denials: The accuracy of RPA robots resulted in an impressive 88% reduction in claim denial rates.

Here’s what Dr. Imran S Khawaja, CEO of MD TruCare PA, had to say about Transcure’s RPA solution: “Transcure enabled MD TruCare PA to increase efficiency with Robotic Process Automation.” This powerful statement highlights the significant role RPA played in boosting efficiency at his practice.

Beyond the Numbers: A Positive Ripple Effect on Patient Care

The benefits of RPA extend beyond financial gains for this practice. By partnering with Transcure, a leading medical billing company in Texas, they were able to create a happier and more productive staff, ultimately fostering a more robust patient experience. Here’s how:

  • More Time for Patients: Reduced billing workload allowed staff to dedicate more time to patient well-being.
  • Improved Communication: Smoother billing processes eliminated confusion and frustration, leading to better patient relationships.
  • Enhanced Focus: Staff could focus on the human touch, providing personalized care and building patient trust.

The Texas-Sized Takeaway
MD TruCare’s story is a testament to how automation can revolutionize medical billing. By partnering with Transcure, a leading medical billing company in Texas, MD TruCare embraced innovative solutions like RPA and streamlined its operations.

Is your Texas-based practice struggling with billing burdens? Consider following MD TruCare’s lead and explore the potential of RPA. Free your staff, optimize your revenue cycle, and allow your patients to receive the care they deserve. 

Remember, a healthy bottom line and happy patients are a winning formula for any medical practice!

Want to Explore More?
Read the full case study MD TruCare—Success Story to explore how Transcure’s RPA can benefit your organization.

I hope this story resonated with you. If you’re interested in learning more about how RPA can transform your medical billing processes, don’t hesitate to reach out to Transcure at (888) 505-0582. You can also schedule a no-obligation, no-strings-attached demo here: Schedule Your Demo. They have a team of experts dedicated to helping practices to achieve success.

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Tech Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts



Summer is one of the best times to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. Here are some great and various modern technologies to add offering exciting options.

GPS Devices

Our first gift option is a GPS. It is a must-have tech gift for summertime excursions. It can be challenging to navigate different locations, but with a reliable GPS, you are assured that you are heading in the right direction. There are many really good options such as the  Garmin GPSMAP 66i. It has comprehensive charting, two-way texting, and SOS features. Another option to check out is Suunto Traverse Alpha.

Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

Are you creative and have multiple things to do simultaneously on your laptops. A portable laptop monitor extension improves productivity and easily connects to all laptops. The Mobile Pixels Trio/Trio Max, is our favorite with exceptional HD displays for multitasking. The Duex Float  can easily adjust with a 180-degree rotation.


Portable Solar Chargers

A  good-quality portable solar charger will keep your gadgets charged and helps with extended outdoor travel. These portable solar chargers are an ideal option for an off-the-beaten-path excursion with few power outlets. An example is the Anker PowerPort Solar, which has twin USB connections for quick charging. Another option is the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus.

Action Cameras

Want to make an impression give an action camera. These incredible tech gadgets can effectively record all the exciting events in high definition. are favorite is the GoPro HERO9 Black, which is an excellent GoPro action camera with 5K video and modern stabilization. With the option of twin displays, 4K HDR video, and RockSteady stabilization for fluid filming is DJI Osmo Action.


Wearable Tech

Lastly, a wearable technology that can offer various advantages like a fitness trackers and smartwatches. These presents help monitor your health, navigate paths, and measure fitness data. Garmin Fenix 6 and Apple Watch Series 7 are our picks.

Most travel lovers need the convenience of editing photos/videos, creating captivating content, and more. with a portable laptop monitor extender you have the world at your hands.

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Exploring the Museum of Art and Technology at Mercer Labs NYC



Nestled in the heart of New York City, at Mercer Labs is a cutting-edge institution where creativity meets innovation. This unique museum offers visitors an unparalleled experience, blending the worlds of art and technology through interactive exhibits, state-of-the-art installations, and immersive experiences. Here’s a guide to what you can expect when visiting this dynamic museum.


The Museum of Art and Technology was established with the mission of exploring the intersection of art, science, and technology. It aims to inspire curiosity and innovation by showcasing how technology can enhance and transform artistic expression. Located at Mercer Labs, the museum is renowned for its futuristic design and forward-thinking exhibitions.


Key Exhibitions and Installations

  1. Digital Dreams This exhibition features digital art pieces from renowned artists around the world. Visitors can engage with interactive installations that use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create immersive experiences. Highlights include VR paintings that come to life and AR sculptures that transform in real-time.
  2. Robotic Artistry Explore the world of robotics and its influence on modern art. This exhibit includes robotic sculptures, AI-generated art, and interactive robots that respond to visitor interactions. The centerpiece is a robot that creates intricate paintings based on human emotions detected through sensors.
  3. BioArt Lab At the BioArt Lab, visitors can witness the fusion of biology and technology in artistic creation. Exhibits include living sculptures made from genetically modified plants and microorganisms, as well as bio-digital hybrids that challenge traditional notions of life and art.
  4. The Future of Sound This sonic exhibition delves into the latest advancements in audio technology and its artistic applications. Experience soundscapes created by AI composers, interactive music installations, and cutting-edge sound visualization technologies that turn music into stunning visual art.

Interactive Workshops and Events

The museum offers a variety of workshops and events designed to engage visitors of all ages in hands-on learning experiences. These include:

  • VR Art Creation Workshops Learn how to create your own VR artwork using the latest tools and technologies. These workshops are led by experienced digital artists and are suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.
  • Tech-Art Talks Attend lectures and panel discussions featuring leading figures in the fields of art and technology. Topics range from AI in art to the ethical implications of bioengineering.
  • Family Science Days Bring the whole family for a day of fun and learning with activities designed to spark curiosity in young minds. These events include interactive demonstrations, creative labs, and art-tech games.

Visiting Information

Museum of Art and Technology
Mercer Labs, 21 Dey Street
New York City, NY

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM – 8 PM


  • Adults: $25
  • Students and Seniors: $15
  • Children (under 12): Free

The museum is conveniently located near several subway lines and bus routes, making it easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

The Museum of Art and Technology at Mercer Labs is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the convergence of art and technology. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a tech aficionado, or simply looking for a unique cultural experience, the museum offers something for everyone. Plan your visit today and immerse yourself in the future of artistic expression.

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What Unique Software Features Does the HONOR Magic6 RSR Offer for Enhanced Productivity?




The fast-paced world today demands devices that surpass basic functionality for optimal productivity. The HONOR Magic6 RSR is a true game-changer, seamlessly integrating meticulously designed advanced software features to enhance productivity in various aspects of daily life. Whether for professional or personal use, this remarkable device promises to streamline processes and maximize efficiency with unparalleled finesse. By exploring its unique capabilities, users can gain profound insights into how the HONOR Magic6 RSR effortlessly stands out in the saturated smartphone market. This article delves deep into the exceptional software features that make the HONOR Magic6 RSR an unequivocal powerhouse of productivity.

Elevate Productivity with HONOR Magic6 RSR

The HONOR Magic6 RSR is ingeniously crafted to enhance user productivity through its state-of-the-art software innovations significantly. Let us delve into the extraordinary features that enable this remarkable capability.

Seamless Multitasking Interface

One of the standout features of the HONOR Magic6 RSR lies in its seamlessly integrated multitasking interface. This remarkable functionality empowers users to run multiple applications simultaneously, free from lag or delay. The interface is thoughtfully designed, offering an intuitive navigation experience and allowing seamless transitions between apps. Users can conveniently split their screens to view and interact with two different applications concurrently, greatly enhancing their ability to manage tasks efficiently. This feature will come in very handy for professionals who need to access documents, emails, and communication apps at the same time. The fluidity of task-switching ensures that productivity remains unhindered by technical limitations, establishing the HONOR Magic6 RSR as a reliable tool for even the most demanding multitaskers.

AI-Powered Productivity Tools

The HONOR Magic6 RSR harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide a repertoire of productivity tools that seamlessly adapt to user behavior. These cutting-edge AI-driven features encompass intelligent scheduling, predictive text capabilities, and contextually-aware recommendations, all meticulously designed to optimize time management and alleviate cognitive burden. For instance, the ingenious smart scheduling functionality intuitively proposes optimal meeting times based on the user’s calendar and usage patterns. Beyond mere autocorrect, the predictive text feature learns and adapts to the user’s unique writing style, offering exact suggestions. By harmoniously integrating these remarkable tools, a personalized experience is crafted that amplifies efficiency and anticipates individual needs and preferences for an elevated overall user journey.

Customizable User Experience

The HONOR Magic6 RSR offers users a highly personalized experience, with extensive customization options that allow for the creation of a truly unique interface. Everything can be customized to suit personal tastes and requirements, including shortcuts, themes, and widgets. This level of personalization ensures maximum productivity by enabling users to create their own customized workflow. Additionally, the user-friendly settings menu of the HONOR Magic6 RSR makes it effortless to adjust features without any steep learning curve. Furthermore, this device goes beyond just customization; it seamlessly integrates favorite productivity apps and services into daily routines.

Advanced Security Features

Productivity is intricately intertwined with security, and the HONOR Magic6 RSR truly excels in this realm with its cutting-edge security features. Modern facial recognition and fingerprint scanning technologies are just two of the many biometric authentication options available on the device, which guarantees that only authorized users can access private data. Moreover, the HONOR Magic6 RSR offers robust data encryption capabilities and secure storage solutions, effectively safeguarding personal and professional data from potential threats. These comprehensive security measures provide users unparalleled peace of mind, enabling them to focus wholeheartedly on their tasks without concerns about data breaches or unauthorized access. These exceptional security features are an integral aspect that solidifies this device as a reliable companion for individuals who prioritize productivity.

Integrated Smart Assistant

The integrated intelligent assistant on the HONOR Magic6 RSR is meticulously crafted to be an indispensable tool for enhancing productivity. This remarkable feature empowers users to manage their schedules effortlessly, set timely reminders, and execute tasks through intuitive voice commands. Boasting exceptional responsiveness, this cutting-edge intelligent assistant integrates with many applications, ensuring unparalleled assistance. Whether it entails scheduling meetings, sending messages or retrieving online information, this ingenious intelligent assistant guarantees swift and efficient task completion. By significantly reducing time spent on mundane activities, this astute assistant enables users to allocate more precious moments towards critical endeavors, thereby elevating overall productivity.

Efficient Power Management

Enhancing power management is of utmost importance in maintaining productivity throughout the day, and the HONOR Magic6 RSR truly excels in this realm. The device boasts intelligent power-saving features that effectively prolong battery life without compromising performance. Its adaptive battery management optimizes power-intensive applications while minimizing background processes. Users can confidently navigate their day, ensuring their devices seamlessly meet their demands. Moreover, its fast-charging capability guarantees uninterrupted productivity by swiftly replenishing the battery even when running low, providing ample power to last several hours.

The HONOR Magic6 RSR is an exceptional productivity-enhancing device thanks to its unparalleled software features. From seamless multitasking and AI-powered tools to advanced security and efficient power management, every aspect of this device is meticulously designed to elevate productivity. By seamlessly integrating these remarkable features into their daily routines, users can effortlessly achieve heightened efficiency and effectiveness in personal and professional tasks. Beyond being just a smartphone, the HONOR Magic6 RSR is a complete productivity solution that meets the various demands of contemporary users.

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The Ingenious Tactics of Smartphone Ergonomics




Within the dynamic realm of smartphone technology, where attention is frequently drawn to striking aesthetics and innovative features, one crucial aspect often receives insufficient attention: the comfort experienced while holding the device. Phone designers embark on a meticulous journey, intricately weaving the ergonomics of their creations to ensure users revel in a snug hold for prolonged periods.

The Mastery of Sculpting Smartphone Grasps

Understanding Human Hand Anatomy

In the pursuit of crafting the ultimate smartphone grasp, designers plunge into the depths of human hand anatomy. Their quest? To unravel the mysteries of how users naturally cradle their gadgets. By scrutinizing the contours, pressure points, and typical hand maneuvers, designers glean invaluable insights into the strategic placement of buttons, curves, and textures, all aimed at optimizing comfort.

Harmonizing Form and Function

Securing a comfy grip on a smartphone demands a delicate dance between form and function. Designers labor to birth devices that not only dazzle the eyes but also caress the palm with familiarity. This entails making calculated choices regarding materials, dimensions, and weight distribution, all in a bid to amplify ergonomics sans sacrificing usability.

The Evolutionary Path of Prototyping

Enter the realm of iterative prototyping, where the quest for grip comfort reaches its zenith. Phone designers unleash a torrent of prototypes, subjecting them to rigorous user trials. Through this relentless cycle of creation and assessment, designers amass precious feedback on nuances like hand fatigue, finger extension, and overall tactile experience, enabling them to refine their creations incrementally until the zenith of comfort is reached.

The Ballet of Texture and Material Selection

In the symphony of smartphone comfort, the selection of materials and textures assumes a pivotal role. Designers meticulously cherry-pick materials that blend durability with tactile allure, ensuring the device nestles snugly in the hand sans any hint of slipperiness or abrasiveness. Textured finishes and ergonomic contours further fortify grip stability and comfort, endowing users with unwavering confidence in wielding their gadgets day in and day out.

Strategic Button Ballet

Strategically positioned buttons and controls emerge as the linchpin for a cozy smartphone grip. Designers dissect user behavior and hand kinetics to ascertain the most instinctive locales for buttons such as volume toggles, power keys, and camera triggers. By fine-tuning button placement, designers curtail the need for users to contort their grip, thereby heightening overall comfort levels.

The Philosophy of User-Centric Design

At the nucleus of phone design lies an unwavering allegiance to user-centricity. Designers pivot around the needs and whims of users, endeavoring to birth devices that seamlessly meld into their daily tapestry, preempting their every whim. By empathizing with users and discerning their ergonomic cravings, designers tailor their creations to deliver an experience that’s both snug and seamless, ensuring every interaction unfolds with an air of effortlessness.

The Pursuit of Perpetual Enhancement

Phone designers acknowledge that the pursuit of the perfect grip is an ever-evolving saga. As technology leaps forward and user expectations scale new summits, designers remain steadfast in their quest for innovation and refinement. Through unyielding iteration, audacious experimentation, and synergistic collaboration, designers nudge the boundaries of comfort and usability, ensuring each succeeding generation of smartphones erects a higher pedestal for ergonomic eminence. The HONOR X7b touts impeccable texture and handling finesse. With its quartet of 63° angles and sleek undulations, it presents a silhouette that’s both svelte and feather-light.

The odyssey for a cozy grip stands as a cornerstone of smartphone design. Phone designers orchestrate a multidimensional symphony, drawing inspiration from human anatomy, materials wizardry, and user insights to sculpt devices that seamlessly marry form with function.  According to grip comfort, designers not only elevate the utility and delight of smartphones but also enrich the lives of users across the globe.

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