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9 First Date Activities That Will Start Your Relationship Interesting

9 First Date Activities That Will Start Your Relationship Interesting

The first date means a lot. It is where you give your first impression and goes a long way in determining the direction that your relationship will take. You already know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, right? However, you can tell how the book will unfold by reading the introduction of the book.

Even if the content of the book is impressive, if the introduction doesn’t capture the readers’ attention, not one will bother reading it. The same happens when in relationships. If you need to impress and win your partner, you need to make your first date worth remembering.

The first date can also be characterized by anxiety. The case will be worse if you have a social anxiety disorder. You, therefore, need to plan your first date appropriately so you can make the most out of it.

In this article, we shall look at some awesome ideas you may want to try on your first date. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Consider Going for a Walk 

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t necessarily need to engage in something complicated to make your date impressive. Something simple, like taking a walk, can make your first date exceptional as well.

Going for a walk will work well for you, especially if you’re an interesting person. If done well, this will leave your partner wanting more. Among other things, avoid talking about your past relationships or discussing things that can hurt your date.

2. Get a Psychic Reading Together

First dates can be overwhelming. Besides the excitement that comes with it, you’ll be wondering what the outcome will be. While some will want to spend quality time in a bar or restaurant, others would consider visiting a psychic reading for fun.

You can also visit a psychic to get an idea of what is in store for both of you. While a psychic will not predict your future, they can read your energy levels and that of your date and give an idea of what to expect. If that’s something you would want to try, click here to find out more about the best online psychic readings.

3. Volunteer Together

A simple thing like volunteering at a charity home, beach cleaning, or building a house will make your first date memorable. Besides getting your relationship on the right foot, this will help reveal the character of the person you’re dating, which is vital for a happy relationship.

4. Attend a Performance in the Park

You want your first date to be as impressive as possible, right? Why not consider catching up with a jazz performance? The live performance is better as you don’t have to commit to a concert together. Consider a casual environment that allows chatting with your date without pressure.

5. Go Skating or Boating

Ice skating is an excellent dating experience, especially among high school students. You can try it on your first date as well. The idea here is to engage in an activity that requires some balancing to avoid falling.

Milder sailing activities like row boating or canoeing are also excellent first date activities. While you’ll expose yourself to a little physical danger, it will offer a great bonding experience.

6. Consider Going to an Animal Shelter

If you love animals, why not visit an animal shelter and play with animals? Visiting an ASPCA near you and spending time with animals will provide an impressive first date experience.

7. Play Video Games

Whether it’s Nintendo, Playstation, or even Xbox, video gaming is a great dating activity. Well, this will only work if you and your date love video games. Whatever game you’re playing, ensure not to beat your date so badly as this may have the opposite effect on them. Make it as fun as possible, and it’ll be a good bonding experience.

8. Shop Gifts

Well, you can also decide to go gift shopping for another person on your first date. Whether it’s for a close friend, a brother, or any other family member, going gift shopping will set you on a love path.

As your date for suggestions and advice on the shopping process. You can also decide to pick small gifts for yourselves as well.

9. Have a Progressive Dinner

Instead of a typical dinner at your favorite place, why not plan a progressive dinner in your neighborhood. For instance, you can have dinner at one place and drinks in a different place. This will allow you to try out different bars and restaurants, eliminating the feeling that comes with regular dinner dates.

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