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9 Important Time Management Tips for Students

9 Important Time Management Tips for Students

It is important to manage the workload and prioritize your time to have the balance between friends, school and studies. Here are the nine best tips to manage the time and reduce the stress.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

Avoid anything that distracts you from your work. Keep your phone in the drawer and don’t be tempted to answer the call. Allow yourself to check the phone once in one hour. Sign out from Facebook messenger, Youtube and other social networking sites so that you don’t have any distractions while studying. These all will help to save your time.

  1. Focus on the task at hand

Have you been involved in the task that you haven’t aware of the time it will take? Get yourself in the work deeply involved so that you will feel energized and motivated and your work. Flow keeps you in the state when you can say my assignment is always ready by managing the work on time. This is because it eliminates distractions, set clear goals, set your time and focus completely on the task at hand.

  1. Outline Your Goals

Listing your goals is an effective way to complete your task. Try to write short term and long term goals and see if they are linked to each other. This way you can distinguish the less important goals from the most important goals. Once you know goals plan a schedule to accomplish the goals in a proper time and remain ahead in the competition.

  1. Use a Calendar

A calendar is an effective way to plan your day. It’s good to allocate the set periods of time for the studies. You can schedule your studies and remember the study plan. It can also divide your studies in to blocks and you can devote time on different subjects. The best thing is to set up the calendar in the phone and stick to it. Keep extra time in case you take longer time for particular activity. You can download apps which will help you organize yourself better, check this To-Do List Apps, and find the one for yourself.

  1. Set Priorities

It is necessary to set the priorities in order to achieve the goals. The most important assignment should be planned to complete up the first and then you can plan for some other activities. Not all tasks are important and have the same priority thus prioritizing the work is very important. It helps you to meet the deadlines and keep you stress free.

  1. Say No

The vital aspect of managing time is saying No to unnecessary things and tempting options which can distract from the studies. It’s ok to say no to the person who is trying to add workload or friend who is asking to socialize. This way you keep the distractions away from you and spend your time in the productive work.

  1. Find Productive Time

Once you determined your schedule you know how long it is required to do a particular work. It is also helpful in determining the most productive hours and non productive hours. Utilize your productive hours and sit back and relax in the non productive hours. It also let you know that you are morning person or night owl. If you’re early bird then set the alarms at the proper time and awake for studying. On the other hand, if you are a night owl set the list of assignment for the night. When you follow the routine, you will see the improvement in the efficiency in your grades.

  1. Enjoy a Change

It is important to take a change or breaks at regular interval of the time to keep the mind fresh. You can take the small breaks such as watching TV or you can take the long breaks such as walking at the outdoor space. Overindulging in the studies is also not good so taking breaks is important. This way you can rejuvenate yourself and become more productive and manage the time more accurately.

  1. Have a Proper Sleep

Night’s sleep is very is essential to keep the mind in the restful condition and make sure it is fresh next day. It is a fact that it is hard to concentrate if you won’t have 6-7 hours of sleep at night. If you’re studying at night then have the proper sleep in day’s time. It is important to keep the mind fresh for the productive study. Manage the time in a better way by keeping the proper hours of sleep in a schedule.

Wrapping it up!

These are nine essential tips to improve time management for students to stay ahead in the competition and flourish in the career


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