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9 Signs You’re Ready to Propose to Your Partner

9 Signs You’re Ready to Propose to Your Partner

When is the right time to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage? Planning a proposal is one of the most important things that you will ever do in your life.

You’ve been dreaming about spending a happy life together and want to be certain you get a successful proposal. 

Getting married is exciting, but are you ready to pop the big question?

Here are 9 signs that show it’s time to propose to your partner.

1. You’re Ready to Propose If You know What Engagement Ring to Buy

Do you have a focus on buying the perfect engagement ring and researching different rings to learn about their unique designs and prices?

Spending most of your time looking at lab grown diamond engagement rings is a sign that you’re ready to commit to your partner. 

Before you buy a ring, you may also take an extra step to find out your partner’s ring size or paying close attention to the type of designs or ring styles she likes.

These are important indications to know if it’s time to propose. Once you come across a ring you can’t refuse, you will feel in your heart that it’s the perfect selection for your partner.

2. You’re Madly in Love

Are you in love and know that your significant other will accept your marriage proposal? Being in love is a profound sign that you’re ready for marriage.

If you love each other, you will have no doubts that you’re proposing to the right person. This also means that you’re both ready to spend your lives together and to make your relationship stronger with marriage.

This is the inner confidence you need to know that you’re ready to walk down the aisle. 

3. You Feel Lonely When They’re Not Around

The more time you spend with your partner you will realize this is a person you need in your life and can’t live without. You might enjoy taking trips or spending quality time together while your love continues to grow.

Each time you get together, the moment is sweeter and more fulfilling. You want to be with your partner every single day and hate being apart. 

When your partner is not around, you may feel lonely and crave for their company. This is a signal you need to know you’re ready to get down on one knee and ask your partner to marry you.

4. You Share Everything

Are you comfortable discussing your future together or making plans? A relationship is likely to fail due to mistrust and lack of communication.

Successful marriages and relationships are based on complete honesty and trust.

You could be comfortable talking and sharing everything with your significant other. 

You can share your deepest thoughts, ambitions, feelings, flaws, and even secrets without worrying that you’ll be judged. If you and your partner share natural chemistry where you can confide in each other, it’s time for you to consider marriage.

You will have the assurance that you’re both taking the right pathway to a successful future together.

5. Your Relationship is Top Priority

Does your busy life interfere with your relationship? Is your relationship a top priority?

A solid relationship requires effort and commitment.

You may have a busy career life, but you always make the effort to spend time with your partner. You could also find yourself coming up with fun things to do when you’re together.

This is a signal you have a serious relationship and ready to commit.

6. You Both Have the Interest to Start a Family

You may have feelings about wanting to start a family or imagine becoming a parent. You could also feel comfortable having these discussions with your partner. 

You don’t feel any pressure or fear talking about having children. These discussions may naturally occur whenever you’re together.

This is the clue you need to determine that your relationship is headed in the right direction and need to set an engagement date.

7. You Keep Thinking About Your Wedding Day

If you’re with the right person, you will keep thinking about your wedding day. You could also be dreaming about the wedding theme, the people you will invite to your special event, or the type of music selection you will play at your wedding. 

You may also develop an obsession thinking about your wedding event or feel excited about the day. If your feelings remain the same, you should start making plans to ask your partner to marry you.

8. You Both Have the Interest in Marriage

Your partner may not be emotionally ready for marriage.

Make sure you both want marriage and that you’re not wasting time proposing to someone that may decline your proposal. You need to be on the same page and making a decision that will positively affect your life.

If you both want the same thing, you have a better chance of having a long-term relationship.

9. You Like Everything About Your Partner

You need to determine if you can deal with your partner’s flaws. Is this a person you can live with for the rest of your life? 

Pay attention to the feelings you have for your partner and if you’re making the right choice to ask them for marriage. 

Make a list of the things you like about your partner and things you don’t like. This puts your mind in a better perspective and helps you to figure out if you should get engaged.

Set Your Romantic Date

Consider these signs to know if you’re ready to settle down with that special person in your life. A marriage proposal is a special romantic event that requires appropriate planning and consideration.

When you want to propose to your partner, make sure that you’re doing it with good intentions. 

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