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90 Days To Husband No. 2: Find ‘The One’ in 2021 with the 90 Days to Diva Fitness Challenge

90 Days To Husband No. 2: Find ‘The One’ in 2021 with the 90 Days to Diva Fitness Challenge

Divas, I have lost 4 pounds! This was week 2 of my of my 90 Days To Diva Fitness Challenge led by Sharon Polsky of Unleashed Fitness for Women.  Are looking for ‘The One’  in 2021? My New Book “90 Days To Husband No.2” was written just for you. To give you extra support, to help you keep your New Years Resolutions and to get you ladies in gear for Valentines day and to help you reach the healthiest happiest version of yourself. So you feel good about yourself and have the energy and stamina required to attract the one you are looking for. Sharon came up with a super easy program to get you started and support you during the first 90 days of your quest. If you have not joined yet, don’t worry you can jump in any time. But don’t delay your health or your happiness. Who knows, you might get hooked on your health and fitness and meet some very fit man, you can share your healthy lifestyle with… 

To join the program, buy my book.

Sign up to the book’s Facebook group page and this fantastic program is free!
Each Friday there is a new video where Sharon and I  cover a different topic related to the Corner Stones of Fitness.This week was about your grocery budget and planning meals so you will be less tempted to eat junk and save money by shopping smart.

Green Soup– This is wonderful, colorful, healthy, and delicious! This is a signature recipe of mine, that all of my friends love and I have been asked to share in many interviews. Soup is one of my favorite food groups. This one is sliming and heart healthy and packed with nutrients to help you look and feel your best. Its inexpensive, and delicious. Make in Large batches and freeze individual portions. Or don’t freeze and sever to your whole family. Eat with a healthy carb or a lean protein, like grilled salmon.

Here is my recipe:

  • Chop one handful of garlic, one white onion (or yellow), and sauté 
  • Chop one head of celery, a small box of spinach, small box of kale
  • Four cups of water, add all of the ingredients (including sautéed onion and garlic) into your blender, you might have to do it in two or three batches
  • From your blender, pour it into a large soup pot, on low heat till its nice and hot . But do not boil! We want to keep as much of the nutrients in tact as possible.
  • Add thyme, rosemary, oregano, any herbs, add one or two wooden spoon’s worth of nutritional yeast (gives it a cheesy, creamy flavor) that you’ll love (I also like to add a bit of curry and turmeric. 
  • If you want to throw in some fresh  ginger, parsley, and a parsnip into the blender, you can do that too.
  • Add pink Himalayan sea salt to taste and fresh ground black pepper
  • If you like it creamy, considering adding a carton of unsweetened almond or coconut milk
  • All of my friends adore my green soup. You can thank me later!

Book Reviews

Samantha von Sperling is a lifestyle guru who has spent her entire career going above and beyond to help her clients achieve their goals. “When asked what I do, I will tell you that I “Spit shine” people and things for a living. My arsenal of expertise helps smooth out the rough spots, whether it’s your look, the space you inhabit, or how you interact with the world around you. Our goal is to help you feel more comfortable in your skin and confident in your ability to handle any social situation with panache! Keen insight and fresh perspective is the first step to attaining your goal. Everything in life at some level is a matter of packaging and a game of seduction, a new job, a step up a ladder, the winning over of clients and friends or the conquest of your desire. Tell me what you want, what you need, even if it seems trivial, personal or impossible. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you. If I can, it shall be done.” Samantha was raised in a sophisticated family where entertaining international guests was de rigueur; refined manners, elegant dress, proper posture, the art of conversation, and ballroom dancing are second nature to her. Her education is a continuation of a lifelong passion for the arts and a foundation for her business. Armed with a degree from New York University in Educational Theatre with a concentration in Speech Communications – also a classically trained ballroom dancer and actress – von Sperling set out the offer the world a new approach to the old concept of finishing. She uses her diverse talents through innovative group seminars or with one-on-one consultations. By utilizing all her skills and training, von Sperling has fulfilled requests from royal families, diplomats, politicians, celebrities, CEOs, companies big and small, regular joes, and soccer moms. Ms. von Sperling has appeared in print publications such as The New York Times, TIME Magazine, O The Oprah Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few. She appears as a guest expert on numerous television programs, and currently contributes as ImageGal for and writes her own column, “Ask Sam” for Time Square Chronicles which she counts amongst her great joys in life. Samantha von Sperling from POLISHED Social Image Consultants has been on the forefront of the image consulting industry for a decade, helping to bring out the best in you – from the boardroom to the ballroom.

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