A Beginners Guide to Making Viral TikTok videos 

A Beginners Guide to Making Viral TikTok videos 

Multiple reasons make TikTok one of the most talked-about and popular social media platforms. There are a few factors that contribute to its demand and success. From many popular songs to trendy effects and encouragement of a small niche, the platform provides almost every opportunity to the user to create an impact on others. It has thereby become a brand in modern times. Various businesses are using the platform for steadily growing their entrepreneurship and creating a mark on the industry. If you are one of them, you have to make possible efforts to make each video go viral. For this, there are a few areas every entrepreneur must bring into consideration.

Use your phone for uploading videos

Before getting started, you must decide whether you will shoot the video from the TikTok application or your phone. Both these alternatives come with their pros and cons. Shooting the video in the TikTok application helps you apply effects and filters before recording. Hence, you can save time. However, if your video comprises various clips, it’s always better to shoot it on the device. You must assess the pros and cons of each and then decide.

The secret to making TikTok videos viral

After deciding whether you will be shooting on the TikTok application or the phone camera, it’s time to delve into the secret to making TikTok videos viral. Remember that TikTok has the potential of bringing you popularity and fame. Hence, you have to be on your toes from the first day. For this, you have to take the following points seriously:

• You must be specific and to the point. It’s always better not to drag the individuals with long videos. Short and sweet videos, which quickly come to the point, work better.

• You may use trending songs and sounds. TikTok favors posts that engage people with an already current trend. Think of the sound and effect and then post a similar video to others yet unique.

• Using trendy hashtags never goes out of fashion. TikTok or other social media platforms use top trending hashtags, and it always goes well.

• Learn about the current trend and work on it. It can be a popular song, dance, or meme. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with the trend and come up with something exclusive and striking.

• Use your videos to convey a story. Although every individual loves a trending song or dance video, stories work well to put forward the content effectively. People will devote attention if you can strategically put forward your posts.

• Leave space for mystery. Yes, you heard it correctly. Whether providing advice or creating crazy videos, you must always keep room for mystery. If you leave some queries for the users to answer, they will be interested in your videos.

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