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A Brief Guide for You to Understand the Basics of Knitting Yarns

A Brief Guide for You to Understand the Basics of Knitting Yarns

If you are someone who is looking to start knitting and has no idea about them, then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn about knitting yarns and how you can choose the best one for your work.

What is a yarn?

Yarns are basically strings that are made from fibres which are interlocked and are used for producing textiles; it is also used in sewing, knitting and crocheting. There are a lot of different fibres which can form a yarn for knitting. The most popular natural fibre is cotton, and the most common animal fibre is wool. There are also other different types of animal fibres like the angora, the cashmere and the current favourite the alpaca knitting yarn. The alpaca fibres help to form a unique type of knitting yarn which is notable for the strength; it is more strenuous that woollen fibres. Alpaca fibres are softer and come in a range of natural colours like white, light brown, black, dark brown and also beige.

You can find usual yarns like the cotton and the wool and other luxury yarns like the pure silk, super merino, Hana silk, possum worsted, Zephyr and baby alpaca.

What information do you need to have before you choose a knitting yarn?

You must learn about the properties of the knitting yarn as they will affect the appearance and the feel of your garment. Your first action should be to get to know more information about the yarn from looking at its label, like the content of the fibre, the weight, its type, its suitability for your specific project and how many meters of yarn you will need and their instructions for washing.

Generally, in several instances the pattern with you shall be knitting will help to identify and suggest the correct material with which you can knit that item. It is essential that you are buying a bit more yarn than the amount the pattern will require specifically.

About the weight of the Yarn

The weight of the yarn is its thickness. You will be seeing that there is a huge range of weights going from baby weight or very fine to large chunky yarns also. This basically means that the yarn’s weights are categorised into several different categories. These are:

1-first, the baby, fingering, or the sock category, and it is super fine

2- The second category is just called baby and sports category, and it is fine yarn weight;

3- The third category is the DK, light, worsted category and this is light,

4-The fourth category is the Afghan and Iranian, worsted category

5- The fifth category is the chunky, crafts and rugs category,

6- The last category is the super bulky yarn weight which can be bulky and roving.

You can find the widest yarn range at several online stores on the internet.

In order to choose the right knitting yarn, you must identify what you will be using it for. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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