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A/C Installation Guide

A/C Installation Guide


Do you know how your a/c cools out your home? Find out more in this guide.

Installing your air conditioner is one thing, but knowing how it works is another. By knowing how your AC cools your home, you’ll be able to get an air conditioner that will distribute the air evenly throughout your home. By following this guide, we’ll show you the science behind the A/C and how it can benefit you.

So, let’s start!

How to AC Cools Your Home

Your AC unit converts gasses to liquids via chemicals. These chemicals move the interior heat into outside air. The AC unit has three main parts. The condenser, evaporator, and the compressor. You’ll find the evaporator inside your home, so it prevents water leakage from the system.

A low-pressure gas enters through the compressor. The compressor will squeeze the fluid/gas, and the molecules placed inside the liquid are packed together. The compressor forces the molecules together.

This is how your air conditioner cools off your home:

The working fluid leaves the compressor as a hot, high-pressure gas and moves to the condenser. The AC’s exterior unit will have metal fins placed around the housing. The fins act as a radiator on the vehicle, and help deliver more air quickly.

Once the fluid is out of the condenser, the air is much cooler. The air conditioner changes from a gas to a liquid due to the constant air pressure. The fluid reaches the evaporator via a narrow hole. After the fluid touches the other side of the passage, it loses pressure. When this occurs, the liquid turns into gas.

During this process, the heat is used to move the molecules of your liquid to a gas. The metal fins on its evaporator help deliver energy with the air surrounding it.  

After the refrigerant exits the evaporator, it’s a chilled, low-pressure gas. This process starts over once again after it goes into the compressor. There’s a fan inside the compressor that circulates the air through the property and through the fins of its evaporator.

This process repeated until your business or home reaches its desired temperature. Once the thermostat finds out the indoor temperature is at its optimal level, it automatically turns the conditioner off.

If the room temperature rises, the air conditioner will turn on the air conditioner again until the room reaches its correct ambient temperature.

Benefits of Installing an A/C in Your Property


Most A/C units can be used in multiple locations in and out of your home. You can take a portable one while traveling or living in non-permanent housing. And you can use them in gyms,  bedrooms, kitchen, library. And you can use A/Cs in your office as well.

Easy Installation

Installing an A/C is very easy. While the process of installation will differ from model to model, it’s straightforward and can be completed quickly. If you’re a DIYer, you can follow the instructions that come with the unit or ask for a/c installation in chicago to help you.

Energy Efficient

If you’re aiming to keep your house cool without the cost of extra energy, then you should consider an A/C unit. To enhance your search, make sure that the A/C unit is Energy Star Certified.

Remember, getting your A/C installed will help you and your family remain cool over the summer. You can either install it by yourself or get it completed with the help of a/c installation chicago. Either way, you’ll be rewarded with cool air and a comfortable living environment.



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