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A Complete Guide: How to Become an AWS Certified Architects

A Complete Guide: How to Become an AWS Certified Architects

If you are looking for quick ways to advance your IT career, you would hardly find any that is better than AWS certification. Among the available options under the AWS training, the Architect Associate certification is by far the most demanded one. According to a report released by Global Knowledge’s IT Skills and Salary, the AWS Architect Associate certification is also one of the highest paying certifications, with an average salary of $120,000 per year. 

it is worth noting that every AWS certification is divided into two different levels: Associate and Professional. The Associate level certification is a prerequisite to acquiring a Professional certification. For most enthusiasts, beginning with a Solution Architect certificate is a more viable option, as it establishes a strong foundation to acquire other AWS certifications.

So without further ado, let’s get into the details and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate certification. 

What Is This Certification All About? 

Acquiring an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification is the ultimate validation for your thorough understanding of these concepts:

  • Adjusting and adhering to the current on-premises applications on AWS. 
  • Deploy and design highly available, scalable, and fault-proof systems on the Amazon platform. 
  • Egress and ingress of data flow from AWS. 
  • Understand and implement the most appropriate use of AWS architectural best practices.
  • Pick the most suitable AWS services based on security, database, compute, and data requirements. 
  • The ability to estimate and identify cost and cost-controlling mechanisms. 

As far as the eligibility for taking the exam is concerned, any individual with reference in cloud architectures, or is interested in designing cloud infrastructures, or deploying applications and systems should opt for the AWS Architect exam. In general terms, enterprise or solution architects, system developers, and system engineers are the most suitable candidates to take this exam. 

Certification Impact on Career and Job

The boost in the pay scale or a big career jump are often the reasons why anyone would opt for an additional certification. And it is no different in case of an AWS Architect certification. 

In fact, the AWS Certified Architect Associate certification has been ranked as one of the highest paying certifications, with payouts escalating $120,000 per annum. Additionally, it’s a great boost that you can instantly give your career with credentials that could earn you great respect and demand in the industry. AWS is also a great option for anyone who wishes to gain a great deal of both theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject. 

The exam isn’t the easiest thing you are going to face, but with the right approach and mindset, you can gain a credible certification under your belt, which can offer you great opportunities to make a real-world impact. 

The Exam Guidance

The key is to have a strong motive behind gaining the certification. It isn’t just another credential you are going to gain. It can turn things around for you in the corporate world. Also, the great thing about preparing for an AWS Certified Architect certification is the transparency of the exam content. After all, the AWS platform is genuinely in your support to help you succeed.

While their approach is quite proactive in terms of providing you with systems and material to help you prepare, you need a similar approach. Here are the basic details about the examination and other things that you might find helpful in preparing for the exam. 

Exam duration – 130 minutes

Test format – Multiple choice questions 

Number of MCQs – 55-60 questions

Cost– $150 for the first time, $75 for recertification 

Requirements for recertification– every 2 years (keeping the fast-evolving nature of the certification)

Content– You can get your hands on the ‘exam blueprint’ that AWS provides before every exam. This blueprint includes all the importing details, relative weights, content, and suggested reading (including white papers) that you need to prepare for. 

As far as the AWS Architecture Associate certification is concerned, the main content for the exam will majorly cover networking, databases, security, storage, and various other high-level topics. It is important to note here that the AWS Architecture exam covers the widest number of services and disciplines that you must be prepared to face to clear the exam in the first go. 

Therefore, preparing beforehand is crucial, and the best way to begin is to go through the exam blueprint in detail. It’s the best material you have in hand for your entire preparation journey. Use the information to highlight the areas you need help with. Refer to the white papers and other available resources for your study and clear your mind on the concepts and technologies. 

But what do I do if I fail the test?

Of course, you can take a retake, but just like any other certification, you are required to wait before you are ready again. If you fail for the first time, the waiting period is two weeks. It is referred to as the ‘cooldown’ period. Also, there is no limit to how many retakes you can take. 

More on Exam Guidelines

All tests are closed internet and closed book. Once the time starts, you can only refer back to the mental notes you have. As mentioned earlier, all the technical prep material is available in the exam blueprint. Utilize the available information to bone up on technologies and concepts. There are many other options that you have as far as further preparation is concerned. 

These include:

  • Instructor Live Training: This option is quite pricey, but the best one if you can afford it. The live session is conducted by an instructor, where the students can be guaranteed about learning the most relevant and latest content that’s directly available at AWS.
  • Online Video Courses: You can find some less expensive preparation resources that will highlight specific areas where you need help.
  • Practice exam: You can also opt for a $20 practice exam offered by AWS. You can actually attempt a question paper quite similar to the actual one without the fear of failing and facing the 2-week cooldown period penalty. It gives you a clearer sense of areas that require more practice before you are prepared for the real exam. 

By gaining experience through your regular job and with continuous practice, you can easily get where you need to be, especially with a great AWS certification like this one!  

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