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A Debate on The Homeless

A Debate on The Homeless

This morning on Nextdoor Neighbor, my community chat board was chastised by a young female lighting designer who thought the homeless should be allowed to be bussed into communities and called anyone who didn’t think her way a “Karen”. Her argument was against those who signed a petition. For those who don’t know the definition of “Karen” here is the definition.

Karen is a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary. A common stereotype is that of a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others. Depictions also include demanding to “speak to the manager”, anti-vaccination beliefs, being racist, or sporting a particular bob cut hairstyle. As of 2020, the term was increasingly being used as a general-purpose term of disapproval for middle-aged white women.

Taking offense to this, I responded to her moronic statement. As the thread went on, I thought to bring it to the public forum to see and to learn why New York is quickly going down hill. Look-up the writers of this thread and form your own opinions. I will make a bet nobody knew the economics.

Jenn Burkhardt • Hell’s Kitchen (W39-9th-34-12th)

These homeless shelters were here long before this guy’s mediocre restaurants. So he bought up a bunch of properties in hopes for a gentrified utopia, and when the neighborhood is hit on hard times because of a global pandemic, he wants the problem out of his hair? Privilege at it’s finest. I won’t be eating at any of his establishments anymore, and I’m very disappointed at our community for supporting this selfish and narrow minded petition. As soon as we start treating the homeless like PEOPLE instead of vermin, the world will be a better place. You all say that you want to force the homeless into “rehab” or throw them somewhere else? You gotta pay taxes for that. All the countries who have eradicated homelessness gave their people OPTIONS and they paid for it. Do some research. Taking away our homeless population’s only resource will harm everyone. Think about more than yourselves, Karen’s. If you didn’t like the neighborhood you shouldn’t have moved here in the first place.

Suzanna Bowling • Hell’s Kitchen (W52-9th-49-12th)

A 20 year old was raped and put into the hospital by multiple homeless right in front of the Skyline Hotel. The elderly are being hurt and robbed. The streets are littered with the homeless who are dunk and high, with their paraphernalia littering the area. Children have to be exposed to this and more and they are learning to be afraid. Almost all of this is being kept out of the mainstream media. Get off your high horse. I lived here in the 80’s when walking down the street meant taking your life in your own hands. It took a community and a mayor who cared to clean this up. These men were shipped into our community. They were not from here. There are some of these men who are multiple offenders of sexual abuse crimes. Notice it is not women and children who are being housed, but men. Does this not ring a bell in your head? If not it should. You call people who want to be safe Karen’s what is the name for people who haven’t a clue at what is happing….? I looked you up, your weren’t here when New York was a scary place, tourists would not visit and theatre’s were having a hard time and only the 1% supported them. You are way too young to know. Maybe you should do some research before you write something so unintelligent. If these problems don’t get fixed you will only be lighting blank graffiti filled walls, with no patrons, because they will have all moved out. Maybe McDonalds is more your speed!

Suzanna Bowling • Hell’s Kitchen (W52-9th-49-12th)

Oh I forgot, let’s do the economics of this. The hotels are being paid $170 a night, but they house 2 people which means the hotel is getting $340 a night and they bussed in 52 MEN per hotel. Who do you think is paying for this? What kind of benefits could $17,680.00 a night per hotel accomplish? That is $548,080.00 a month per hotel. They are in a 139 hotels in Manhattan. Do the math $76,183,120.00 and then tell me this is not insane. Yet business and their owners are being forced to leave due to the economics.

Jenn Burkhardt • Hell’s Kitchen (W39-9th-34-12th)

These problems will not get fixed by closing the shelters and pushing the homeless into another area. Your generation obviously did nothing to fix this, so let our take over and handle it.

Suzanna Bowling • Hell’s Kitchen (W52-9th-49-12th)

Oh and your doing such a great job! Open your eyes.

Giselle Fernandez • Hell’s Kitchen (W49-9-W43-10)

Suzanna Bowling transplanting the homeless population to New York, and now during the pandemic transplanting them to hells kitchen hotels was a mistake, bur not for the reason you imply. When deblasio gave a bunch of people who have formed unsafe habits housing without any control, support or rehabilitation, what did he think was going to happen? What did the people of New York think would happen? OF COURSE the city is experiencing high crime right now, with this half baked idea. Yes, the city is suffering from an issue of drug abuse and homelessness once more, and why do you think that is? Because the problem never went away, whether under Giuliani, Bloomberg, and DEFINITELY not under deblasio. We tried policing.Its a temporary salve. It’s time to put in the hard work of rehabilitating people out of these degenerative states instead of shooing them away to jail or otherwise. Reform our social programs and reallocate our tax funds to programs to heal our citizens

Suzanna Bowling • Hell’s Kitchen (W52-9th-49-12th)

Giselle, I respect you as a fellow journalist, but the problems may not have gone away, but it did subside to a trickle which is how New York came out of a depressed situation and gained a tourism economy that kept the economics of New York on a scale that made us one of the best cities in the country. We are definitely in a different situation and yes the homeless need our support in rehab and rehabilitation. On that we agree. However these MEN not women or children are not taking advantage of what has happened. Instead of cleaning up and trying to integrate into the communities, they are buying drugs, destroying property and harming those who live in these areas. By the way how are they paying for the drugs?Why were they shipped in from Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens? Did these area’s not have hotels? Why only men? Look at the price tag I included in the above post. That money could have been used in so many other constructive ways. To have Ms. Burkardt call people “Karen’s” is unintelligent and completely naive. Parents are scared. The elderly are scared and the media refuses to print or talk about the crimes that are being committed. Why? Maybe the agenda here is more than what meets they eye.

Jenn Burkhardt • Hell’s Kitchen (W39-9th-34-12th)

And you had decades, apparently. Things take time Suzanna. Can’t always snap your fingers and have everything you want. This is 2020 and the work comes from the ground up, can’t slap a bandaid over everything and call it fixed. We’ll dig our feet in the mud and do the dirty work for you, you just have to move over and off your high horse. The world is changing, and it seems it’s leaving you behind.

Marion Z Murphy-Willoughby • Manhattan Plaza

Not a loaf of bread.

In the meantime the world is seeing this problem, as well as New Yorkers who are moving out.

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