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A Few Facts about FRAS and Body Armors That You Have Never Known Before

A Few Facts about FRAS and Body Armors That You Have Never Known Before

Body armor aids in saving lives and thus are an essential staple to own, especially if you are in any of the armed forces. Though you might know a thing or two about body armor, there are still many unknown facts yet to be explored. 

Owning a ballistic vest is not enough; one should also stay well-informed about these protective gears. Here are a few things that you need to know: 

You can continue fighting after being struck by a bullet

You might have seen in movies that the cops continue to fight even after being struck by a bullet. Do you know the reason why? It is because you can still be alive after. A bullet shot can result in bruises and bleeding in an extreme case, but you can still manage to fight owing to the bullet-resistant body armor. 

Increasing weight calls in for new body armor

Body armors should always be brought in the right size to serve their primary purpose of protecting you against a bullet attack. Thus if you happen to burn fat, there may be very little room left in your body armor to accommodate the new you. 

Moreover, if you have gained a few pounds of weight, then you might need to purchase new body armor. 

Panel carriers cannot combat a bullet

In layman terms, people usually tend to call their vests bullet resistant. But in reality, it’s not the vest that is bullet resistant but the panel you insert inside your vest. 

If you were thinking that you could simply wear your vest without inserting the ballistic panel and still save yourself from a bullet shot, then you are totally wrong. 

Never make such a mistake because the vest carriers are just a medium, but in actuality the ballistic panel does the work of protecting you.

Every bullet-resistant vest is not stab-resistant

This is just another thing that most of you may assume. But the reality is that until and unless you get a stab-resistant vest, you are prone to get hurt if someone happens to stab you. This product at Safe Life Defense is specifically designed to resist stabs and also make use of different fibers, unlike a regular vest that offers protection against bullets.

Also, these vests can help cope with various other threats and thus stand out to be a multipurpose vest that is stiff and bulky than a regular bullet-resistant vest.

Women and men body armors are different

You usually spot female cops wearing the same body armor as a male cop, but this is a wrong practice and can hinder the safety of women. Female body armors are designed differently, taking into account their cup size to offer extra chest protection.

Hence, women should not be wearing the same body armor as men and should buy ones designed specifically for women.

Body armors need to be discarded after accruing a gunshot

If you have been shot by a bullet on your vest, you cannot consider wearing them again on the battlefield. You need an immediate replacement of the same, or it may prove to be detrimental for you. 

If a bullet strikes the same place where a bullet was shot earlier, then it can even cost your life.  Never make the blunder of using the same vest once you have been shot in the body armor.


Do you know more such unknown and interesting facts about body armor? Do let us know in the comment section!

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