A Full Wolf Moon Leads To New Beginnings

A Full Wolf Moon Leads To New Beginnings

January 17th marked the first full moon of the year and it comes with some heavy hitting energies. With a new year comes a fresh start, so it is no time to waste facing our deepest feelings and fears. The spiritual meaning of the Wolf Moon is about stepping up as a fierce protector and becoming the nurturer in our own lives.

Full moons in astrology are associated with an increase in energy and tension, which leads to emotional build-ups or blow-outs. They also help us let go of old feelings, see things more clearly, or bring projects to a climax or conclusion. Emotions will be at a highpoint, as we are asked to find power in our feelings.

With the sun in Capricorn, we’re spending this month focused on wealth and material security. The moon is across from the sign of Cancer bringing up feelings over our homes, family, friends and our emotional well-being. Now is the time you will be in need of nurturing, so find those souls who make you feel good. Owning our vulnerability makes us stronger.

Full moons normally come with a climax or conflict, which illuminates. Time to let all your fears go and be powerful.

The next new moon is February 1 and the full moon is February 16th and is the snow moon.


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