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A Guide On What To Expect When A Company Builds Your Fence

A Guide On What To Expect When A Company Builds Your Fence

If you are a homeowner, you are better off letting an expert firm or company build the fence around your property. A fence around the property isn’t just for the boundary but also protection against stray animals.

However, even with the experts fencing is not always smooth sailing. If you are thinking of garden fencing, the following article is your guide on what to expect when outsourcing a company. Let us have a detailed look at all that entails when you build a fence around a property.

The estimation

The first step is the estimation of the cost of the project. Most of the fencing companies have dedicated staff members for evaluation and a separate set of builders. The job of the estimators is to estimate the cost of the project and supply the quotation to you and the builders. 

If you are busy with your work schedule, the estimator can work unsupervised, but it isn’t advisable. The estimation is generated depending on the dimension of the fence that requires building. There are certain other aspects including the type, material and the property line of the fence that gets added to the total cost. Usually, the contract is hand-delivered or is mailed to you. 

The timeline

The estimator will do his/her work as quickly as possible, but it is the building of the fence that usually takes a lot of time. Many user reviews report the typical timeline for the construction of a fence around a property is often around 2-4 weeks. It all depends on the location of the property, the specifications, and modifications requested by you, the backlog of the work at the builders, the weather conditions and the availability of materials. 

So make sure that you ask your questions before signing on the dotted line with a fence builder. You might need to sign up for a hefty advance deposit, so ensure all the pricing protocols in place before investing.

Take stock of the utility lines

The utility lines including the water supply and the power lines are essential fixtures that are laid all around your property. Your fence builder should take stock of the utility lines and avoid digging them up while erecting the fence around the property. Make sure that the company workers take time to locate and mark the fencing area to avoid the utility lines. 

About the fence posts

The first step is the post-installation for the fencing. This usually takes a day to complete. The posts might look higher than intended, but you shouldn’t worry as most of the fence posts are cut down to size during the erection of the fence.

During fence installation

Once the posts are installed, the next part is the lengthy process where the stringers are installed. The stringers or the horizontal pieces are used for the fencing materials, gates and everything else that finishes the fence. 

That concludes all that you need to know before, during and after the fence installation. Hire expert help to make sure that the entire process goes as smooth as possible. All the best!


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