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A Guide To Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

A Guide To Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

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Immigration is without any doubt a complex and time taking process that requires professional help. If you have no idea about naturalization or immigration process, an immigration attorney may be able to help.

Most people hire a Los Angeles immigration attorney because the forms that need to be filled for immigration are complex and filling them properly on your own is a very hard task. There is also a good chance you have absolutely no idea what is going on with immigration law in the country right now, so don’t risk complicating the process.

Here is a little guide to hiring an immigration attorney in Los Angeles. 

Experience of The Los Angeles Immigration Attorney

If you’re about to hire an immigration attorney to help with your case, you must be aware of their experience in the field. It is nearly impossible for an attorney to be familiar with all kinds of different immigration applications. There is a chance they may have never handled a case like yours. So don’t waste your time with attorneys who have no idea how to deal with your particular problem.

The Fee of the Attorney

If you’re on a budget, then it is very important to find an affordable Los Angeles immigration attorney. Just remember, while some lawyers like to charge a flat fee, others may ask for an hourly fee.

When on a tight budget, you should always opt for a lawyer that charges a flat fee to avoid any unnecessary increase in the fee. Additionally, the lawyer should only charge you for the services they are offering. They should never add the application fee because that fee is paid directly to USCIS. Just make sure to ask what services the fee will cover. 

Ask Them About The Filing Time


Although it is an uncommon question to ask an immigration attorney, it is always a good idea to find out when the attorney plans to file your case with the USCIS. This is also important because in some cases you may be required to collect evidence. If you don’t have enough time, you’ll have a problem collecting enough evidence and that could jeopardize your case. 

Get Recommendations


If the above questions did not help you in deciding which Los Angeles immigration attorney to hire, then, by all means, try asking for recommendations. There are several forums on the internet where people holding a green card discuss their experiences with law firms and lawyers. You could ask these people for help and they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Just make sure never to work with an immigration lawyer just out of gut feeling. 


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