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A Guide to Living with a Broken Boiler

A Guide to Living with a Broken Boiler

Nobody wants to deal with a boiler that’s broken down. Yet it is something that many households have to deal with at some point in time. This can be a problematic situation for several reasons. Not only might it cost a considerable amount of money to rectify the problem, but the lack of hot water or central heating isn’t pleasant for anyone – particularly during those cold winter months. 

When your boiler does stop working, however, you must not panic. There are numerous steps you can take when it does happen, such as reviewing your warranty and possibly applying for a loan to cover the repair costs. 

As for that time when you have to live with a broken boiler before any solution, here are a few tips to consider.  

Contact a plumber ASAP

While it should go without saying, your first step should be to get in touch with a plumber. They will be able to fix your boiler and hopefully complete the job within a minimal amount of time. 

It is important you do the right research and find the best plumbing company for the job. Start with searching for a local plumber near me, and ensure that you read both the recent reviews and word of mouth recommendations to make your decision. 

Wear layers 

If you’re feeling the cold and you don’t have any heating, it makes sense to add additional clothing to your normal lounging about wear. A jumper can make all the difference, although you may decide to go that extra step with a coat, gloves, and hat. An old blanket or duvet can also help insulate the heat and ensure you are comfortable. 

Close your curtains and doors 

Your windows will be closed, obviously, but you should also keep those curtains closed at the same time. Windows are one of the biggest reasons of a home’s heat loss, so you have to minimize this as much as possible. However, if the sun is out, remember to open the curtains and let its rays in to add a little warmth. 

Another source of heat loss in your home’s doors. As a result, always try and keep all doors closed. Plus, it is a lot easier to focus on keeping one room warm rather than the whole house. By containing your family within one room, closing the doors and adding draft-excluders, and using an alternative heat source, you will even forget your boiler has stopped working. 

Use electric heaters 

Even if you do everything that you can to retain heat, you’ll still want to utilize an alternative heat source when possible while your boiler is out of action. One of the most effective and affordable options is an electric heater. Place one or two of these in a room, switch on, and your room should be at a nice temperature within a matter of minutes. Just remember never to leave them on overnight as this is a safety hazard.

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