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A Guide to Sleep and Health

A Guide to Sleep and Health

There are many brands and products promoting and promising better wellbeing through improved diet and exercise. While these factors play an undoubtedly important role in the improvement of your lifestyle, sleep is a factor just as important that is often neglected. As our lives become busier, often with social events or work activity, our period of rest is often the first to be compromised. Going to bed late is a common activity for many. While a small compromise here and then causes little harm, other than the feeling of wanting to go back to bed, in the long term it can cause issues to your health.

Not only does a certain quality of sleep amount to our regular sense of wellbeing but an improved quality of sleep can have fantastic effects on our daily health and happiness. Fatigue is likely to cause a person to be more inclined to feel stressed or to make decisions without taking the time to think them through. It is also easy to become accustomed to a relatively low level of energy, not realising that we might feel better with more. Getting a full night sleep, one without interruption, allows a person to reach their potential wellbeing during the next day. 

Sleep is also significant for our physical health. It not only allows our bodies time to rest and recuperate but it also reduces our body activity. For instance, the more time we spend sleeping, the longer our bodies are able to function with a reduced heart rate. This means that, for the third of our life we sleep, our bodies are able to function with greater ease, leading to improved heart quality later in life. 

Those who participate in sports or general physical activity need sleep more than most to sustain their endurance. Muscles and organs are repaired through the night and, for those who test them through exercise, it is important that sleep balances out their activity. For some athletes, a specific type of mattress may be recommended, one that accommodates the body for a better restoration. 

Our mattresses do play an important role in our rest. Many are accustomed to sleeping on a mattress that may not support them appropriately, which can reduce the effectiveness of their sleep or even exacerbate issues, such as back injuries. Sleep is easily disrupted by common issues such as becoming too hot, and our mattresses are often directly responsible. Older mattress designs like the innerspring mattress are slowly being phased out due to the  alternative benefits of memory foam alternatives. Not only do they allow for an improved, more personal support, but they are often designed to dissipate heat more quickly to allow one a cooler night’s sleep.

For more information on your body’s rest, visit how to sleep healthy by Best brand. Your health is important and it is detrimental to neglect your sleep. Researching and further understanding the potential improvements a good night’s sleep can bring is a step in the right direction.


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