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A Guide to Starting Your Own Health and Fitness Journey

A Guide to Starting Your Own Health and Fitness Journey

When starting a new journey, it can be intimidating, from getting a new job, getting into a relationship, to even starting your fitness journey. But once you get helpful information plus the needed gear, this will not be hard to start at Gym Club Sydney. Your health and fitness journey can be approached in several ways, and if you do too much in a short time, it can get very overwhelming very quickly. Ensure that your fitness plan has been designed to be sustainable, a regime you can easily incorporate into your busy life.

Below are a few tips we have gathered to help you start your fitness journey.

Try and make this new chapter fun.

To ensure that you keep up with the new health and fitness journey, try and make it fun. Make the physical activity something that you enjoy doing. Some example is doing some gymnastics, gym; boxing helps lose weight, archery, rock climbing, to name a few.

Try and build up slowly.

When starting on this journey, don’t expect to jump into it deeply; you need to build slowly until your body gets its rhythm. When you start slow, this helps in reducing the pressure to accomplish your goal at once. Start with a short session, then slowly build up the pace; consistency is vital to see results.

Expect to experience a few setbacks.

You’re not always motivated to get up and hit the gym; there days you want to relax and take a short break. Or maybe many obligations need your attention. The important thing is not beating yourself up when this happens; the best thing is taking the chill day, then get up the next day and get back to it. Remember, it is a new fitness lifestyle you are trying to start.

View your fitness as a journey

Setting a plan and goal for your fitness is essential, but it is also important to view it as a journey. This is a new ongoing concept that you are trying to incorporate into your life, and in the process, you should see some progress, improvements and effects taking place. Once in a while, try take a step back, reflect on how far you have come; it should motivate you for what is yet to come in this journey.

Try and make it a social activity.

Working out alone can demotivate us to keep going, but it helps in being accountable for each other if you do it in a group. While at the gym or during your kickboxing session, try to make a few friends and meet new people in this new health and fitness journey. It will motivate you for your next work out sessions due to the community you have built around you.

If you have decided to start a health and fitness journey, this is the best decision you have made for yourself. Being active offers a list of health benefits that your body will thank you for. At Gym Club Sydney, just ensure you incorporate different physical activities to keep you engaged and interested.


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