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An Inside Industry Look with Influencer StyleKristy

An Inside Industry Look with Influencer StyleKristy

Not everything is what it appears to be, especially when it comes to social media. In an ever-shifting world online the continued obsession with viral stars continues to grow. Ever wondered what it’s like to be an influencer? Is it all the glitz and glamour we think it is, or are there the down sides to it that we don’t see? 

SisterKristy is a businesswoman and she shares her experience and the truth about the industry. It is something that people of all ages and backgrounds should truly absorb.

What are the perks of being an influencer?

Working for yourself is probably the best thing ever! I’m very fortunate to make my own hours, and essentially do what I want to do. Another advantage is a lot of my life is a tax write off since so much of it is posted online! Traveling is an expense, lingerie is all and expense. Speaking of lingerie, people often joke “is that all you do? Wear agent provocateur all day long and take pictures in your apartment?” And I’m like “Um yes it’s amazing and so much fun!” 

What are the disadvantages?  

One huge disadvantage is that before I meet people, someone usually says, “oh Kristy is an influencer here’s her Instagram.” And people are very quick to judge. I know this because after I meet said people and they realize I’m just a normal person, they tend to tell me they thought I was just going to be some dumb bimbo with big boobs that didn’t know what she was doing. Another disadvantage is that because I’m based in Canada, it’s really hard for me to find a good PR team or manager here that will actually take me on. Canada isn’t really big on “famous people” the way the United States is. So, I’m mostly just left to figure it all out for myself, but I seem to be doing just fine! 

What would you call your job title?

I get this all the time! I’m a total one woman show. I’m a model, makeup artist, stylist, photographer, editor and manager. I do all these things myself, so it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. But when people ask what I do, I usually just go with “I’ve owned my own business since 2019 modeling” for a short answer! 

Do you ever get recognized?

It tends to come in waves! There was one week this past summer where I got recognized three times in a weekend which was very exciting for me! I really love going out to bars and clubs -pre covid of course- and I think liquid courage really helped people come up to me and say “hey I follow you on Instagram!” And I usually ask them how they found me etc. When I’m not in a club scene, like when I’m out shopping or eating and there’s no alcohol involved, people will usually DM me afterward and say “Hey, I thought I saw you here but didn’t want to say hi” type thing! 

What are some of the other benefits of moving to your own site?

One huge benefit is not relying on some higher up CEOs that don’t realize my lively hood is in their hands! I also don’t have to worry about one celebrity coming on the website and ruining everything (insert Bella Thorne here). I get my own domain name, I make way more, and I’m actually fully in-charge. I can change the fonts/color schemes/photos and add pages. There’s just so much more freedom to do what I want on there! 

Do you feel like your privacy is still respected?

Absolutely. I’m the woman behind the phone screen, and I pick what I want to share and what I don’t want to share. Personally, I never post young kids/family members/friends who are very private/where I’ve worked/my hometown etc. and my followers have always respected that! Some things, the internet doesn’t need to see! 

Any advice for others looking to get into the industry?

Honestly, it used to be so easy to gain new followers. Now it feels so difficult and I’m even struggling. Instagram’s algorithm changed everything, and the algorithm changes every few months. It’s hard to go “viral” on Instagram where like 5 years ago it was somewhat easy. I’m really relying on Tiktok to gain a new following and get some new followers to convert to my ‘religion’, Sisterkristy! 

Cover Art by Photo by Unsplash

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