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A List of Adventure Activities that Can Give You the Chills

A List of Adventure Activities that Can Give You the Chills

Every man needs some excitement in their lives now and then. Scientifically it has been proven that both men and women who let themselves face thrilling experiences stay young longer due to certain mental stimulations. This does sound like a convincing enough reason to try out one of the following adventure activities every year;

Caution: This list is only for the strong-hearted people who can withstand these extreme activities, for the light-hearted we recommend easy activities like trekking.


Though skydiving sounds cliché, it never goes out of trend. This can be named as one of the most adrenaline-pumping activities. Jumping from a plane and opening a parachute at a great height to be able to see an incredible view is just worth the price.

Bungy jumping:

If you are interested in becoming a human Yoyo, you surely want to try out this activity. It can also be named as the plunge of death. The free-fall feel is definitely worth trying.


To be able to reach from one cliff to another with the help of sliding on a rope attached to a safety harness has its own excitement to it.


Rafting sounds easy to many people but truly it is not. From the danger of the raft overturning to getting soaked in the turbulent water of the river, this experience is not for the light-hearted.


If you are a regular surfer, you definitely should try this sport. Surfing at a high speed up to 30 mph can be an exhilarating experience.


This is a new adventure sport where you will be strapped to harness and attached to two hoses that will use the force of water to propel you in the air while attached to a jet boat.


This is again a new activity where you can ride a lightweight bike frame with no wheels down the mountain. That does sound fun.


We have spoken about activities in the sea and mountain, what about the desert? Don’t get disheartened, apart from sand-duning, you can now do sand-surfing. A skateboard deck is available using which you can dune in the sand.

Night Hunting:

We have spoken about activities that you can enjoy in the day time, what about the night? Another thrilling activity that can be done during the night is night-hunting. If you are good with guns and you can visit a forest where hunting is legal then hunting in the dark can really be thrilling where all your senses are highly alert driving your adrenaline high. Just make sure to carry all hunting gears and most importantly a good hunting rifle and a reliable thermal scope to be able to see in the dark.


If you are an explorer, grab on your gears and plan this activity. Apart from the challenge of finding your way in the dark and small paths. you can uncover spectacular things underneath. If this is your idea of adventure, you can join such exploring groups and start crawling through narrow caves.

There are many more adventurous activities that can be added to this list. If you are a daring and adventurous person, do not hold yourself back. Gear up and let your adrenaline go high.


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