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A Look at the Future of Vaping Technology

A Look at the Future of Vaping Technology

When vaping first became popular, it was seen as a temporary trend that would disappear shortly after, similar to the previous one-hit wonders before it. Today, vaporizers are still among the most sought after items and have millions of users (and fans) around the world. Vaping has definitely become a part of the mainstream lifestyle.

Vaporizers themselves have changed several times over the years. As the technologies around modern vaporizers grew, newer, better vaporizers were made available. Where do we go from here? What does the future of vaping technology look like? That is what we are going to find out in this article.

Better Batteries

Vaporizers have always been battery-powered devices, so battery technology is among the most important elements of the tech. Most devices use either a built-in lithium battery or the standard 18650 rechargeable battery that is easy to find. Some kits also use the larger 26650 batteries to offer a longer battery life on a single charge.

Better batteries are being added to the newer kits as we speak. Devices with built-in batteries can now power the coils for longer on a single charge. A larger battery capacity and faster charging times are providing users with a better vaping experience in general.

Smaller Mod Kits

This improved battery technology has one other benefit: smaller devices. Mod kits are no longer big and bulky. They are getting smaller and more efficient with every iteration. Smaller kits allow users to carry their vaporizers without the need for a special bag or case. This level of practicality is what has been bringing more users into the world of vaping this past year.

Mod kits also offer more features. Bigger wattage is quite common these days, with mod kits offering more than 75W of power. Combined with the right tank and coils, powerful mod kits can produce a thicker vapor with a more rounded, full taste from the ecig liquid.

Efficiency has also been increased. There are more customization options that allow users to achieve the ideal heat for maximum vaporizing without wasting too much battery power in the process. Combined with bigger OLED and LCD screens, better circuitry, and other advancements, we’re looking at a very exciting future indeed.

Sub-Ohm Tanks

Sticking with efficiency as the main theme, top brands are also introducing sub-Ohm tanks as part of their product lineups. Creating a sub-Ohm coil used to require a lot of manual work. You had to choose the right copper or nickel wire to use, and then make the coils yourself. Today, the same high level of efficiency can be achieved with modern tanks.

The SMOK TFV8 is a good example of a sub-Ohm tank you can use out of the box. The new coil designs allow the V8 to keep its resistance low – as low as 0.15 ohms to be exact – which means it utilizes 50-260w of power to vaporize the ecig liquid perfectly. These tanks are getting incredibly powerful and they continue to get better.

The tank improvements don’t stop at power efficiency either. We now have pure organic cotton providing fuller flavors from ecig liquids. The airflow systems have also been developed to allow for drag adjustments. You can fine-tune the drag level to your liking; those who are used to a heavier drag, for example, can simply make adjustments to the airflow controller.

More Flavors to Choose From

Electronic cigarette liquids are getting better too. The whole experience of vaping depends on the liquid you use and the flavors you choose. The better the flavor, the more enjoyable the experience will be. The industry behind ecig liquids has found new ways of producing accurate flavors that really elevate the vaping experience to the next level.

Throat hits can be customized to perfection, so there is always a liquid for every taste. The same can be said for flavor mixtures, especially since manufacturers continue to get better and more creative at making them taste really good when vaped.

My personal favorite is the newer line of menthol-flavored liquids. The mint and the coolness are so much better than last-gen liquids created a couple of years ago. You get that fresh hit the moment you take a drag through the atomizer.

All of these advancements and changes are just the beginning. Vaping is still growing in popularity, so you can expect to see more updates and new trends developing in the industry. It won’t be long before we see smaller, more powerful devices producing superb vaping experiences for new and existing users alike.

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