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A Perfect Relationship of SEO and Website Design

A Perfect Relationship of SEO and Website Design

A website design is a plant whose seeds are sown by the gardener (Website owner) in a hope of getting a beautiful flower (Google Ranking) in return. A regular feed of organic fertilizer paves way for achieving this aromatic dream. This organic fertilizer is known as SEO which converts all the weaknesses of the website into its strength.

In this competitive web world where mobile web browsing is moving at fast pace, overtaking the desktop as the device of the first choice for internet users, it has become a necessity to develop a mobile responsive web-design. )

Even after knowing the facts, 60% of the businesses have older websites that are not mobile-friendly and moreover, a study of Hubspot found that “websites specifically not prepared for mobile had organic traffic decline of almost 5 percent.”

So, to convert this decline of 5% into a profit of 5%, it has become mandatory to invite SEO into your web design in order to augment the reachability and improve the ranking of your website in search engine lists. There are myriad of benefits if your website design is SEO friendly.

Building Brand Trust…

“Sky is a house with billions of stars, many stars die and many take birth but there is only one moon that shines like a king.”

Google ranks any website taking into consideration the user experience and time-to-time it keeps on changing its algorithm to make the user experience better.

If you visit Google to buy any product or services, which company will you choose? One that pops up on the first page or the ones that land on the second page? In this changing environment, where 36% of the Google users are likely to click on the first result, it is a necessity to be somewhere on the first page which is possible only if your website design is SEO friendly.

To make you familiar with the competition, the following is an explained example.

On typing a query Best tuition services in Singapore’ on Google, it returned approximately 27,80,000 results. Out of these 27,80,000 results, only top 5 results stand a good chance to be clicked because they appear on the first page of the results.

A random user always clicks on one of the top searches of the search engine results because these results are considered to be more trustworthy than the others.

Increase traffic…

You invest an enormous amount of time and money in building your website and if your website is not SEO friendly, all your efforts get dumped into pages other than the first page of Google search results, thereby becoming the final nail in the coffin of your website.

SEO strategies while building a website can help you in increasing traffic to your website and if you end up landing on the first page, you can experience a constant and steep improvement in your web traffic which will eventually boost your sales.

To develop a website in such a way that it holds the topmost position beating every competitor of the same genre.

Improved Rate of Investment (ROI)…

SEO is an ideal platform to boost sales and increase awareness compared to other platforms like paid advertisements, thereby resulting in better ROI. Basic SEO does not cost much and is undoubtedly cost-effective. Considering its minimum investment and huge benefits, it is a wise decision to make SEO a pillar of your website and reach the zenith of the success ladder.

For example, Dell holds a prominent position in online marketing of its products and taking this into consideration, they formulated an SEO based Digital strategy for its Business objectives with a motive to increase the organic traffic and decreasing the bounce rate which at the end let to an impressive return on investment (ROI).

Following are the results achieved by Dell after bringing SEO friendly improvements in their marketing strategy:

The above example shows the power of an SEO friendly website, so it’s a high time to invest your money and hard work in building a website which is SEO friendly.

So, in the tough exam of Google, only SEO is a teacher that can give wings to your website, landing it on to the topmost result of search engine query.

Dave Tan is serving as a Tutor in one of the Singapore’s home tuition agency- ChampionTutor for the last 10 years in the field of IB Tuition. Apart from being in the teaching industry, he is very well connected with advancements in SEO and Website Design/ Development.

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