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A Perfect Sweet Gift – Eat Me Cookies

A Perfect Sweet Gift – Eat Me Cookies

Cake is great, but sometimes you just want to shake up a party with something a bit more sparky. Eat Me Cookies is a perfect way to say, “I Love You,” or take that love and give it some humor.

Sisters Beth and Maddie Barnett were living the glamorous New York City corporate life when they found themselves back in their parent’s home in March when the pandemic started.  They always loved baking and started doing it more in that quarantine-induced boredom. It was then they started crafting personalized cookie cakes.

They decided to pursue this one adorable side-hustle fulltime. And that is where Eat Me Cookies was born. These fun and yummy homemade cookie cakes with a twist of hilarious messaging caught the eye of celebrities and foodies around the world.

The bit of nostalgia that many adults have for these cookie cakes is spot on. So many Americans have their story about the pizza party they had when they were 10-years-old where they got the awesome giant cookie from the mall as their friends sang “Happy Birthday.” This helps them re-live that beautiful moment.

Shipped to your home with convenient and easy ready to heat instructions you cannot go wrong. They are yummy and made from natural ingredients with no chemical binding agents. And, unlike the cookie cakes of the past that pretty much only came in classic chocolate chip, there is also peanut butter, sugar, funfetti, and peanut butter flavors to select. The menu also highlights vegan and gluten-free options.

Since we are all in a crazy world right now sending a gift like this is absolutely perfect. It says you care even though we might be far away. You can do a simple, lovely message like “Congrats on Your New Job” or if you are more in the mood for something sassy this is it. Really they have some of the funniest messages you can send for that special someone in your life that shares your sense of humor, such as a gratitude cake that states, “Thanks, Now We are Even.”

Decorations are kid-like and really are perfect to lighten the mode in 2020. I mean we don’t always need perfect. Having a good needed laugh is timeless, as are treats that tell a thousand words.

For a perfect sweet that will make someone you love cry happy tears check them out here.

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