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A Perfect Toast to Autumn with Dano’s Tequila

A Perfect Toast to Autumn with Dano’s Tequila

Let’s face it. We are months away from making 2020 go away. So much has gone wrong, but one thing is going right. It’s perhaps some of the best timing of this fall season to be introduced to something so special as an amazing brand. Dano’s Tequila is just that.

Imagine sipping away your pandemic woes with these divine bottles that are 100% agave and with zero additives. Taking this to your lips in your quarantine mode will make you smile and momentarily feel like we don’t have to worry about the news outside the front door. This is just bliss in a bottle.

Dano’s Tequila began with Dano, who had been infusing 100% agave tequila with pineapple and jalapeno, creating a smooth, easy to drink tequila that turned friends into fans and gained a local following in Dano’s hometown of Steamboat, Colorado. When Dano and local friend, Chris, went to Mexico they had the great fortune of meeting with Hacienda de Reyes, a family owned distillery since 1840 who had been bottling their own Blanco, Reposado and Anejo tequila made using the traditional craft method. They worked together to develop the Infusion and agreed to distribute the time-honored family tequila under the Dano’s label so it could be enjoyed in the U.S.

Dano’s Ultra-Premium Tequila is hand-crafted in small batches and made with meticulous care. They use 8-year-old highlands blue weber agave pinas, brix tested for sweetness, steamed in a 180-year-old traditional stone oven. It is distilled two times in handcrafted copper stills. Every part of the process is done by hand.

This is smooth love. This is a masterpiece of art decked out in multiple arrangements. Select a passionate moment to be had with:

BLANCO This 100% agave tequila is crystal clear with delicate silver sparkles. The taste is sweet and crisp with hints of vanilla and coconut, perfect for sipping or mixing. One of the smoothest Blanco Tequilas on the market. 

REPOSADO – This tequila has a light amber color from aging for nine months (more than 4 times the industry standard) in virgin white oak barrels. Its aroma is a mixture of gently toasted agave with a taste of almond and vanilla, ending with a soft oak flavor. 

ANEJO – This tequila has a rich amber color derived from aging for between 12 and 18 months in virgin white oak barrels. Dano’s Anejo has an aroma of roasted agave with woody notes and a luxuriously rich taste of vanilla, caramel, coconut and oak, best enjoyed neat. 

Go wild. Enjoy. And toast 2020 out the door with this amazing tequila today.

To order what might become your favorite tequila of all time please visit here.

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