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A Review of Brilliant Earth Rings

A Review of Brilliant Earth Rings

If you’re in the market for a ring, and you consider yourself to be an ethical consumer, then you’ve probably encountered Brilliant Earth at some point in your search. Brilliant Earth is a jewelry company that is committed to offering its customers rings containing diamonds and gemstones that have been ethically sourced. 

In this Brilliant Earth review, we will examine whether Brilliant Earth’s rings are genuinely ethical and whether their quality is worth the price. 

Brilliant Earth’s Ethical Promise

When a jewelry company states that their diamonds are conflict-free, they usually follow the definition set out by the Kimberley Process. According to the Kimberley Process definition, a diamond is conflict-free so long as it hasn’t been used to finance civil wars. Brilliant Earth, however, believes in taking a more ethical route for sourcing their diamonds. An ethically sourced diamond is sourced in such a way that neither humans nor the environment are harmed. 

Brilliant Earth’s ethical stance is outlined in their “Beyond Conflict-Free” mission statement. This statement explains that they only source their diamonds from mines that meet specific criteria. In addition to not using diamonds to finance violence, “Beyond Conflict-Free” diamonds must come from mines that protect their workers from human rights abuses, maintain responsible and safe labor practices, and support community development. Additionally, they need to minimize environmental degradation in their mining practices. 

For these reasons, Brilliant Earth only gets its diamonds from mines in Canada, Russia, and Botswana Sort. The Canadian mines are owned by Diavik and Ekati. These mines are known to uphold high environmental and human rights standards. Additionally, both of these mines have shown a strong commitment to hiring local indigenous people. 

While Russia is geopolitically controversial, the mines that Brilliant Earthworks with from this country are their communities’ lifeblood. They not only provide jobs, but they finance social infrastructure. Additionally, most of their Russian diamonds come from ALROSA-owned mines, which have been certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council. 

Lastly, the mines in Botswana sort follow internationally recognized environmental and labor standards. Additionally, revenue from these mines is known to have been re-invested into education, health care, and infrastructure. 

Furthermore, Brilliant Earth requires that their suppliers show a robust chain of custody protocol for the diamonds they import. They also need to be able to track and segregate each diamond by origins. Additionally, they offer lab-created and recycled diamonds. These diamonds don’t require any new mining, so they are 100% ethical. 

Brilliant Earth’s Rings

Although Brilliant Earth offers a variety of ring styles, they also allow customers to design their own rings. Customers can choose the color, setting, style, and exact diamond or gemstone they want for their ring. They can also select the shape of the diamond or gemstone and add additional stones to the ring’s setting. 

You can make your ring even more unique by engraving it with a custom message, quote, or a particular date. Brilliant Earth chargers a flat fee of $40 for this service. 

Brilliant Earth also helps to ensure that your ring fits you correctly. If you’re not sure of your ring size, they will send you a complimentary ring sizer. Or, if you’re buying a ring for someone else, you can get the ring resized for free within 60 days of purchase. 

Brilliant Earth is environmentally and ethically conscious, so they primarily use recycled precious metals to create their ring bands. In particular, they want to reduce gold mining, as this practice has a history of harming the environment and engaging in human rights abuses. Therefore, by using recycled gold, they reduce the amount of gold that needs to be mined. 

The company stands behind its rings 100%. If you’re not satisfied with your ring, you have 30 days to return it. They also offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects so you can feel confident in the quality of your purchase. Additionally, they offer a free lifetime diamond upgrade. This means they will apply the original purchase price of a loose diamond toward any new purchase of a diamond that is at least 50% greater in value. This will allow you to enhance your ring as your financial circumstances improve or your tastes change

If you’re looking for a ring that is customized to your tastes and ethical to boot, then Brilliant Earth may be the company for you. They make sure that all their suppliers conform to ethical criteria, and they allow you to choose the color, setting, and style of your ring, in addition to the specific gemstone or diamond you want in the shape of your choice. They also offer complimentary ring sizers and complimentary ring resizing within 60 days of purchase. Furthermore, they stand behind the quality of their rings by providing a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

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