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A simple guide to insulating your home roof on your own

A simple guide to insulating your home roof on your own

Protecting your house with insulating material is the best thing you can do. Irrespective of the city and the country you live in, and the season that it faces optimum amount of roof insulation helps you protect your interiors. Providing necessary insulation in your attic makes living comfortable, thereby assisting the individuals to save money. However, one of the most significant places for installing insulators is the roof. 

During winters, the majority of the heat from the house escapes through the attic. Therefore, insulating your roof with a protective interior, such as glass or foam, helps block the heat from escaping. Similarly, during summers, the insulation prevents hot air from entering the house through the roof, enabling the occupants to live comfortably.

Here are a few prerequisites of Attic insulation that enable the occupants to insulate their homes

Protect yourself with appropriate clothing

The majority of house occupants perform the task of installing insulation on the roof of the house. However, it is mandatory to safeguard your body parts and lungs from hazardous materials. Therefore, before handling any insulation, you must use gloves, goggles, and a mask, covering them from top to bottom.

Keep the knowledge of the amount of insulation needed

Excessive insulation does not pose any threat to your house, but spending too much while installing insulators is a waste of money. Therefore, you must consider how much insulation is necessary before beginning the process by taking adequate measurements off the roof before buying insulators.

Start with working on the attic floor

The cheapest and the most effective technique to install insulation in the attic is to start with the floor. However, many people prefer using their attic for storage, thereby making it difficult for insulation. If your roof is already insulated, you can enhance the existing covering by layering new insulation over the existing one. Some people prefer to enhance the existing insulation by covering it with loose-fill fiberglass.

Choose appropriate insulation material

People who install insulators on their own must be careful about choosing the material for their roofs. There are two popular types of elements used for insulation, known as loose film blanket insulation. You must examine the top to determine the appropriate material and compare prices to bring home the right product.

• Loose-fill insulation- some insulation fibers are sold in bags and transferred to a place with the help of specialized machinery to cover up the area. Loose-fill insulation involves hard work as it is labor-intensive. Such a type of insulation is ideal for attics with irregular joint spacing. However, the majority of occupants prefer to use power equipment to get the job done quickly.

• Blanket insulation – another type of material to use for insulation is known as Batts and is available is rolls made of sponge or Styrofoam. Some of them are also available with a paper facing, thereby preventing the attic from vaporizing. You can install blanket insulation in more than one layer for extra insulation.

Leave airspaces for better insulation

Many people installing structures squeeze the material into tight spaces leaving no air to pass. It would help if you kept in mind that air performs half of the insulation. It is essential to keep insulation coverage light and fluffy, as Clean Air Doctors notesInsulation materials get compressed, thereby squeezing out the air, reducing its effectiveness.


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