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Absolute massages used in Spa in Bali

Absolute massages used in Spa in Bali

 The spas in Bali offer you excellent massage packages that have no match in the world. Different types of massages give your body total relaxation that will provide you with exuberant energy.  

Whether you want a whole-body massage or partial body massage, spas in Bali have customized packages just for you. You can sample out some of the massages offered in Bali.

Reflexology massage

If you want to relax your feet after a long days hike, reflexology massage is the right kind of massage for you. Your therapist will wash your feet in a bucket. After a thorough wash, your feet will be worked on with a scented balm one at a time.

 Your therapist will finish the massage with a neck and shoulder rub. Reflexology is the cheapest massage you will get. But you need relaxed feet to move from one point to the other, why not give them this superb treatment?

Resort Massage

 In-resort massage, you get what you pay for. Resort massage is an outdoor massage that will leave you delighted. You will be offered an outdoor shower, fluffy robes, and quality toiletries for use before and after the treatment.

 The treatment starts with the meditative sound of a gong, which summons the therapists to begin the foot ritual. The foot ritual is traditional bathing and exfoliation of the feet. The therapists then work on every spot that you need to be attended, applying the right amount of pressure to every place.

 Resort massage uses the traditional massage that combines palm pressure and stretching. The conventional technique c gives you relaxed and improved blood, which will make you sleep.

Sports Massage

 Sports massage is what you will require after working out in the fields. This is recommended for sportspeople. The therapist works deep into your sore spots, which can lead to severe discomfort later. 

 If you are not an athlete or you cannot stand a deep tissue approach, go for relaxation massage instead. Relaxation massage is done on the areas that you feel pressure, and it is not strenuous.  

Hot stone massage

This type of massage used volcanic stones instead of hands. The stones are heated and glided over the body to soften muscles and tissues. The stones are placed at points where you are feeling the tension to relieve the pressure.

Couples massage

 This kind of massage is appropriate for couples who do not mind sharing a massage room. Two massages are done in one place or outdoor besides a river. The massage is followed by yoga or intimate couples massage.  

Thai massage 

 Thai massage is similar to the sports massage but sometimes is done with clothes on. You will be subjected to a traditional technique that stretches and manipulates your muscles. The therapist may jump on the table to get the leverage of working on you. After the Thai massage, your body will feel like you have done a great work out.

 Shirodhara Massage

 This traditional massage will leave you purified both inside and outside. A steady stream of oil will be poured on your forehead often while massage is being performed on your body. 

Lomi-Lomi Massage

 Lomi-Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian technique that uses several parts of the body. Your therapist will use forearms, hands, knuckles, and even feet to create a gliding motion on your body.  

 Whatever is the preferred mode of massage, visit any of the spas in Bali for an unforgettable experience. There are several great spas spreads throughout Bali Island. The costs of massage vary from one resort to the other, leaving you spoilt for choice. Whatever is your budget, ensure that you visit the best spa in Bali for the relation of your body, soul, and mind. A good massage will revitalize you to face life’s challenges.


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