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Accessories to choose for parties

Accessories to choose for parties

Parties and formal events are part of our lives. Although we don’t have to go to such events daily, we still have to be prepared for them. The main reason behind it is their exclusiveness. The dress-up, makeup, accessories, shoes and everything else should be on point when it comes to formal occasions.

We all put so many efforts in deciding which clothes or shoes to wear for parties but have we ever thought the same for the accessories? Pairing up anything that is matching with the dress is not something that would work for you every time. That is why you ought to think about the accessories as much as you do for the dresses.

To make stuff easier for you, here we have brought some easy party tricks you can use with your accessories for the formal wears to own the looks. This will save your time which you would have served in deciding the perfect women’s accessories otherwise.


There are a lot of types of necklaces to choose from. Not all types can be worn with all types of dresses. You must be very choosy in this case. If you are wearing a full-length cocktail dress, you cannot go with a heavy necklace. You should rather go with a delicate yet beautiful one that goes with your dress. If the dress is heavy, the necklace should be light and the other way around. Keeping in mind these minute things help you in grooming yourself a lot.


Royals have started the trend of wearing hats and it has started shifting towards the civilians as well. A lot of women wear hats if that goes with the theme of the event. Make sure that the hat not only goes with your dress but also with the environment of the party. Look different but do not look awkward. It will throw an impact on your personality as well.


If the event is at day time under the sky, you should never forget to take along your eyeglasses or goggles. One more thing, the shades you choose must go well with your face shape. Otherwise, it can ruin the whole impression. 

Clutches for women

Choosing the right bag may be quite a task for some events. The bag should go with the sort of event and your dress as well. Clutches are more preferable for formal events. Some women choose to wear a chain with the bags on their shoulders. I think its high time we stop using the chain for the bags. Keeping them in hand looks more decent.

Accessories should be given as much importance as other stuff is given when you are getting ready for the party. These are the things that help you make your statement and own the looks in front of everyone. That’s what adds in the grace. So, make sure you invest in them as much as you do for other things. It makes a difference and you will realize it too.

Fashion and High Society

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