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Adam Veron: Digital wellbeing during COVID-19 and beyond

Adam Veron: Digital wellbeing during COVID-19 and beyond

When you talk about digital wellbeing, you essentially hint at reducing screen time and eye strain, protecting mental health from excess use of social media, paying more attention to diet and exercises, and getting sound sleep. Due to widespread lockdown and quarantine, it is not possible to meet people personally. So, the dependence on mobile devices has massively increased, which you otherwise had to keep away as much as possible. You can use it for information, games, social interactions, and so on. All this is acceptable as these things give a sense of normalcy. Now, the situation is – how do you take advantage of these technological devices during the pandemic and ahead? Here are some suggestions.

Tips for using digital technology for overall wellbeing by Adam Veron

Online tools

You can take control of your life with digital tools, even during a crisis. Search for a digital course that you can do post your work or early morning. Check apps where you can make your shopping list, create events calendar, and keep an eye on household tasks that you want to finish. You can fix a time for all the activities and keep them private. You don’t have to tell when you will work out or call your friend or complete a chore. Make sure you allow some time for your rest also. It is up to you to decide how you intend to achieve it. You can watch TV or play games too.

Health and wellness apps

Mind and body experts, such as Adam Veron, recommend using different mobile apps for your mental and physical health. For instance, you can find a sleep tracking app to record how much you sleep and your dreams. Dietary trackers can alert you about calorie intake and hydration while you plan your meals. You can look for physical activity platforms that wake you up and help you with yoga, cycling, and other things. For meditation and mental relaxation, you again have certain apps. You can find them useful to deal with anxiety, stress, and so on.

The pandemic’s chaotic situation may easily disrupt your daily routine and force you to postpone your wellness activities. But remind yourself that mental and physical health is equally important or even more than a priority in this crisis. Hence, it would be best if you tried to include it in your new lifestyle.

Tips for keeping a check on the use of digital devices

There is no doubt you need mobile and the latest technology to survive this pandemic and beyond. Still, anything done in excess is not good. You can keep your mobile phone somewhere else at the time of dinner. Before you go to bed, put it somewhere outside your room. Also, make sure you stop using it a minimum of 30 minutes before hitting the bed. If you have to charge it, you can do it in the kitchen or living area. Just fix a place, so you don’t have any confusion. Some people suggest that you should limit or avoid using your mobile device during the weekend. If it seems impossible right now, you can take baby steps towards this and make it a habit once normalcy is back.

These are some of the constructive ways of including digital tools and devices in your life and also restricting dependence on them beyond a certain point.


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