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Advantages and disadvantages of cloud web hosting

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud web hosting

What is cloud computing?

At first, try to understand what cloud computing is. Cloud computing is any real-time service that is used over the Internet in the “pay only what you consume” or “(software as a service) mode where resources are virtualized for the user who does not pay for ownership of an entire infrastructure and associated personnel but only for the precise use it makes of it.

Although this new form of web hosting has many advantages over a web hosting system with physical servers, it also has some disadvantages or possible disadvantages, due to its continuous development and why the system is still being perfected.

Advantages of cloud web hosting

It is a new web hosting system, still in development, but it already has thousands of followers and users worldwide as well as detractors, some advantages of cloud web hosting are:

Payment for use

The “cloud” scheme usually implies paying only for what is used, which in itself is an advantage as long as we take into account the variability this will cause in our monthly accounts depending on the use of the cloud.

Adaptability and flexibility

Another of the great advantages announced of cloud computing is the possibility of adapting quickly to a sudden increase in our requirements. However, it must be taken into account that to date, no cloud hosting provider in the world offers infinite “flexibility” and if our requirements increase exponentially we will have to have an emerging growth strategy or a “plan B”.

Other advantages

Presence of files stored in any place or computer, without the need to install different or specialized programs to access it. Automatic updates, which allow the user of web hosting to have systems with cutting-edge technology without having to install them or be aware of their application. Global integration, from anywhere in the world, the files will be present and integrated in the same virtual storage space.

Disadvantages of cloud web hosting

The availability of Internet access is mandatory to access any file that is hosted in the cloud. Security should be a point to consider for a web hosting in the cloud, since the files are mounted on the Internet. The most delicate data, it is not recommended to have them in this type of accommodation for their safety.

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Hopefully this article is able to provide an insight to you about the importance of cloud storage. Thank you for reading!


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