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Pastor Martin Niemöller wrote about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazi’s rise to power.
“‘First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.’ Our government is corrupt; I will continue to speak out if it is the last thing I do.”
We are losing friendships over the truth. We refuse to see what is in front of our faces. T2C is for neither candidate, however we do want to know the truth and we do believe in the constitution. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press we hold dear.
The following journalists have been fired just for asking questions about Hillary Clinton’s health. CNN sister network HLN abruptly cancelled Dr. Drew’s show after five and a half year on the air after the host said he was “gravely concerned” about Hillary Clinton’s health. David Seaman was reportedly fired without warning by the Huffington Post after he wrote an article with a video that raised questions about Hillary Clinton’s health. “They’re deleting and censoring commentary on her health — why is that?” Seaman asked. Matt Bruenig, a Bernie Sanders supporter and frequent critic of Hillary Clinton, lost his job as a blogger for the very left-wing think tank Demos. David Schuster, a former MSNBC personality, critized former first daughter Chelsea Clinton. The Clintons lobbied the board members of General Electric, then the parent company of NBC Universal, to get rid of him. Brianna Keilar wasn’t fired, but was awkwardly cut off mid-broadcast after she mentioned Hillary Clinton’s past support for “anti-crime” polices in the 1990s that helped bring about the “era of mass incarceration” that is currently looked upon very negatively by most Democrats.



This morning on Wikileaks twitter Julian Assange’s internet link was been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans.

Jullian Assange
Many have been connecting Assange’s alleged internet severing with his release of sensitive material on Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president. Clinton’s team has suggested WikiLeaks is working with the Russian government to help Donald Trump’s chances of winning.

“So far there had been no intervention by outside entities to attempt to silence Julian Assange, so the latest intervention “by a state party”, if confirmed would be a notable escalation in the status quo, and suggests that Wikileaks may have even more damaging revelations to come,”

What Assange has leaked is the following:

Qatar gave the Clinton Foundation $1 million for Mr. Clinton’s birthday present in 2012. Ami Desai, director of foreign policy for the Clinton Foundation, told several staffers about the check.

Clinton Foundation donors expected “benefits in return for gifts.”

Jullian Assange, Podesta e-mails

An email exchange between Mr. Podesta, Paul Begala and a Clinton pollster worked a list of negatives about Mr. Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign. The pollster wrote, “we have reworked the Obama message into the survey as requested,” and then lists the negatives, including: “* 7 Obama (owe-BAHM-uh)’s father was a Muslim and Obama grew up among Muslims in the world’s most populous Islamic country.”

On March 4, 2015, Mr. Podesta wrote Mrs. Clinton’s lawyer Cheryl Mills about hiding Mrs. Clinton’s emails to Mr. Obama from congressional investigators. The day before, her team was subpoenaed to turn over all of Mrs. Clinton’s emails. “Think we should hold emails to and from potus?” Mr. Podesta asked. “That’s the heart of his exec privilege.” Three weeks later, Mrs. Clinton’s team BleachBit more than 33,000 emails.

Bloomberg News reported Mrs. Clinton’s campaign spokesman Brian Fallon urged her to issue a blanket denial that she ever sent classified information through her private email server because anything less could open her up to charges she broke the law. “We should not think it is fine to find something that ‘should have been classified at the time,’ ” Mr. Fallon, the spokesman, wrote to other top campaign officials on Aug. 22, 2015, “Our position is that no such material exists, else it could be said she mishandled classified info,” Mr. Fallon wrote.

Chelsea who had concerns about the Clinton Foundation and potential conflict-of-interests with its donors, and was sharply opposed by her father’s friends and donors.

Obama’s Cabinet was picked by Citigroup executive during the bailout a month before the election. An email from Michael Froman, who was an executive at Citigroup during 2008’s election, listed potential Cabinet picks in an Obama administration, a month before the general election. The bank was being bailed out at the time.

Jullian Assange

Top aides lamented that a Muslim man, not a white man, was the San Bernardino shooter.

A top State official asked the FBI to make classified an email related to the 2012 attack in Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton: “I want to defend fracking.” Climate change environmentalists should “Get a life,”

Hillary Clinton’s Private ‘s Paid Speechs – full transcripts, see “attachments” tab at top

There have been a series of tweets that are said to be a “dead man’s keys” or “dead man’s switch” – encryption codes revealing highly classified secrets to be unveiled in the case of his death.

Roger Stone, stated “John Kerry has threatened the Ecuadorian President with ‘grave consequences for Equador’ if Assange is not silenced,” he tweeted,“Reports the Brits storm the Ecuadorian Embassy tonite while Kerry demands the UK revoke their diplomatic status so Assange can be seized.”

Wikileaks may have even more damaging revelations to come, but will we listen? Will we realize that those deleted e-mails belong to the American people. Will we ask questions?

Suzanna, co-owns and publishes the newspaper Times Square Chronicles or T2C. At one point a working actress, she has performed in numerous productions in film, TV, cabaret, opera and theatre. She has performed at The New Orleans Jazz festival, The United Nations and Carnegie Hall. She has a screenplay and a TV show in the works, which she developed with her mentor and friend the late Arthur Herzog. She is a proud member of the Drama Desk and the Outer Critics Circle and was a nominator. Email:

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Are We Headed For Nazism As Columbia University is Over Run By Pro Palestine Fanatics



Thanks to the Pro-Palestine president of Columbia University Minouche Shafik, a Muslim, 37,000 students are basically kicked out of the live school experience and into remote learning as they cram for finals. This is all due to the pro-Palestine protests. The Jewish students have been targeted, as the University does nothing for them. Isn’t this how it all started in Nazi Germany?

A professor Davidai, who is Israeli-born and an outspoken pro-Israel voice on campus, on Monday had his Columbia ID deactivated. He was told by university officials that it was for his own safety.

Did you know over 100 of its professors signed an open letter of support for students who backed Hamas?

In February fliers depicting Jews as skunks — echoing Nazi propaganda during World War II — went up all over campus?

When you pay $66,139 a year, you expect to get an education, not be terrorized. Columbia has a $13.64 billion endowment and around 300 Jewish students.

The Pro-Palestinian’ students are pledging fidelity to Hamas and bullying, threatening, and attacking Jews on campus.

Why are they getting away with this? Why are their rights the only ones that matter?

Trans People 4 Palestine and Lesbians 4 Liberation are apart of this, but what about the fact that they kill women who have been raped for bringing “dishonor” to their families, sell off girls as young as 6 into marriage for $2,000, that torture, rape and murder women who do not cover their heads? Are you for that too?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, praised the pro-Hamas protestors Monday.

This isn’t just in NY, antisemitism has spread to at least 13 U.S. college campuses, including Yale, M.I.T., Berkeley, Harvard, and NYU, where police arrested more than 150 protestors Monday night.

New York has more Jews than any city outside of Israel. Do you really think if this continues we haven’t hit the beginnings of Nazism at home?

If these protestors are so proud, why do they cover their faces? Most of them are not Muslim, so what is their excuse?

I am not Jewish, but we need to stand up for this injustice. For in Nazi Germany first it was the Jews, then the disabled, homosexuals, gypsy’s, and other minorities that did not fit in to their idea of a perfect race.

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Corruption In The Queens Divorce Courts



Going through a divorce is hard enough. You are vulnerable, sad, angry, exhausted, frustrated and confused. It is difficult, no matter the reason. Now, what do you do when the court system disregards their own rules? To whom are you suppose to turn? To whom do you complain? I never thought I would be writing this article, but today in a sense, I was forced.

I have a friend who has been going through a divorce for 8 years. She has spent more the $600,000, due to the Judge in charge and the blatant disregard of the law. She has now had to go Pro Se and file bankruptcy.

I believe no-one should have to go to court alone, due to the scary and frightening nature for all of us in this matter. I have been by her side for over a year, as I have watched some the most egregious behavior take place.

On day one, I was asked if I was to be on a witness list and both sides said no. The second time presented the same question and answer. I do not know if this is on court record, as Judge Viscovich decides what is and isn’t on the record. A lot of times, I witnessed that it was not allowed or they are told point blank not to record. I witnessed this at least eight times. Suddenly, today, in a tactic of intimidation, I was on the witness list, though I have not been subpoenaed and according to court law a witness list was never given by either party prior to the trial. In the case of my friend, it is because she is clueless when it comes to the law. In the case of Maria Coffinas, the lawyer for the other side…she has 40 years of courtroom and trial experience. What is her excuse?

Here are the discrepancies that need to be brought to the proper authorities:

During a meeting of deciding who got what, my friend was sent away to get the house appraised even though her life was being decided on. She was given no choice. While at the appraisal, she slipped and fell, not feeling well. The next day in court, she told the Judge she was not well. He didn’t care, even though her lawyer at the time actually stood up for her for the first time since I had arrived. It was clear my friend was unwell. I actually wondered if she was drunk, even though she doesn’t drink. The court went on that day for over two hours. By the end of it my friend was so ill, we went to a doctor who diagnosed her with a brain concussion and she was hospitalized. She ended up having to see a specialist and was still made to go on zoom conference calls, even though she was not well.

Judge Viscovich constantly threatens her by telling her he is throwing her in Riker’s Island for contempt and continues to do so. On at least three occasions, he has had the handcuffs out and was seriously scary. Instead of being impartial, it was clear something was going on. What makes this so wrong is that the Judge refuses to see the evidence where this contempt charge is bogus and believes only what the other side states.

Due to a combination of that and everything else, my friend was forced to claim bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court has possession 0f most of the marital assets, yet the Judge refuses to comply with the higher court, which is odd, considering he has stated numerous times he wants this case gone.

Another thing is Judge Viscovich is constantly trying to give the house to the other side, but now his hands are tied, but that doesn’t stop the threats. This has gotten so bad that Ms. Coffinas threatened my friend over the house, until she was forced to confront the truth. She was suppose to send Judge Viscovich an email that no further action was to be taken, but yet again it was the first thing he mentioned yesterday in court and Ms. Coffinas trumped up yet another false excuse. Yet, they are not being held in contempt, and there is a stay in place. I can provide all the texts to this statement because Ms. Coffinas states all this and more.

I have proof of all I am saying, as this is just the tip of this iceberg. How am I supposed to be a witness when I have been privy to all that has gone on? I will have more tomorrow on IRS and criminal activity that this Judge has sat on for eight years.

My friend isn’t the only victim of Judge Viscovich’s court. His destruction has been written about several times. Even NBC News did a story on him. I had other references, but from the time I published this until I made sure everything was ok they were taken down or scrubbed. Only this was left. “An 8 year old girl demands NYS Queens County Supreme Court Judiciary Reform” over Judge Viscovich. I can also supply several victims names to the proof of what is happening.

I tried to talk to people in authority to no avail yesterday. I told the Judge and the court, that I am a journalist. I gave people in several different areas this information. So, now, I am giving a list of all to whom I am planning to send this article, in case anyone else needs this help. If you have more information or can help please email us at

Viscovich gives a list of his rules; however, the basic laws and rules are being disregarded. He doesn’t just destroy families, but lives.

New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, 61 Broadway, Suite 1200, New York, New York 10006

Marguerite A. Grays: Administrative Judge-Civil Term, Eleventh Judicial District: Presiding Justice – Commercial Division, Queens County: Queens County Supreme Court: 88-11 Sutphin Boulevard: Jamaica, NY 11435 (718) 298-1212

Grievance Committee for the Second, Eleventh, and Thirteenth Judicial Districts: Renaissance Plaza
335 Adams Street, Suite 2400: Brooklyn, NY 11201-3745: (718) 923-6300

The Queens Courier PO Box 610257, Bayside NY, 11361 Phone: 718–260–2500 718-224-5863

TimesLedger Elizabeth Aloni 45-17 Marathon Parkway Little Neck, NY 11362 718-260-4537

Queens Chronicles Mark Weidler  718-205-8000 x114 4161 Kissena Blvd Ste 2077 Flushing, NY 11355 (718) 886-8160 30 Rockefeller Plz Fl 7 New York City, NY 10012 (212) 664-4444



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The atmosphere in The Boca Black Box was akin to The Sands Hotel in Las Vegas last night as movie/TV star Robert Davi (140 films and counting) swaggered onto the stage to sing and swing the songs of Frank Sinatra.  His show, titled “My Kind Of Town” had all the elements of a Sinatra event thanks to Davi’s personality which radiates the same mystique and musical excitement that ‘Ol Blue Eyes” possessed.  Robert Davi’s performance was not a great actor acting a role… this was Robert Davi,  a great actor  who started his career as a trained singer thrilling an audience singing songs made famous by Frank Sinatra, but with Davi’s own magnetism and vocal prowess.  I don’t know if Sinatra ever played Boca Raton but Robert Davi turned Boca into ‘his kind of town last night” as he brought the musical substance and charisma of “the chairman of the board” to South Florida.

Davi’s had a long and distinguished career in show business and this Boca Black Box audience got to see a lot of the musical part of it last night. The tough guy movie actor sang the music of Frank swinging it “his way”

About Robert Davi:

Robert Davi, an American actor, singer, writer, and producer has played the roles of main villain and drug lord Franz Sanchez in the 1989 James Bond film License to Kill.  He was FBI Special Agent Bailey Malone in the NBC television series Proflier.  He played a Vietnam veteran and FBI Special Agent Big Johnson in Die Hard.  Davi played the opera-singing heavy Jake Fratelli in The goonies, Hans Zarba in Son of the Pink Panther and Al Torres in Showgirls.  His album, Davi Sings Sinatra—On The Road to Romance, hit #6 on the Billboard jazz charts.  Praised for his voice, Davi debuted as a headliner at The Venetian, in Las Vegas.








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My View: A Cult Following At Birdland For The Hilarity of CASHINO



I had no idea what I was walking into, but boy, oh, boy….am I glad we went.  Birdland was packed last night for a return engagement of CASHINO which stars Susie Mosher and John Boswell.  These two have, literally, built a cult following as Pepper Cole and Johnny Niagara with this unexpected piece of hilarity and music.  It is so fresh, so funny, so crazy and so original that all I can say is, “You had to be there.”  Thank you for such a memorable evening and Congratulations!  I hope these photos give you some idea of what fun this evening was.
















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My View: William Finn Attends Opening Night of NEW BRAIN at Barrington Stage Company



Last night Barrington Stage Company (BSC) in association with Williamstown Theatre Festival (WTF) presented William Finn’s 1998 musical A NEW BRAIN on Barrington’s Boyd-Quinson    mainstage.  Check out the opening night photos and after party below.  A NEW BRAIN will play through September 10, 2023.

A New Brain features Adam Chanler-Berat (Broadway: Next to Normal, Peter and the Starcatcher; HBO Max: “Gossip Girl”; WTF: Animal Crackers) as Gordon, three-time Tony Award nominee Mary Testa (Broadway: Oklahoma!, 42nd Street; Off-Broadway: Bill Finn’s In Trousers; BSC: Sleepless Variations; WTF: Most Happy in Concert) as Mimi, Tally Sessions (Broadway: Company, Anastasia, Bill Finn’s Falsettos) as Dr. Jafar / Dad, Demond Green (Broadway: Sister Act; BSC: Funked Up Fairy Tales, Bill Finn’s The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) as The Minister, Dorcas Leung (Broadway: Miss Saigon; National Tour: Hamilton; BSC: Into the Woods) as Rhoda, Andy Grotelueschen (Broadway: The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window, Tootsie) as Mr. Bungee, Salome B. Smith (Broadway: 1776) as Lisa, and Justine Horihata Rappaport (National Tour: Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella) as Nancy, Darrell Purcell, Jr. (Signature Theatre: The Scottsboro Boys; Temple Theatre: Hairspray) as Roger, and Eliseo Roman (BSC: Fall Springs; Broadway: In The Heights, On Your Feet!) as Richard. Understudies are Ross Griffin, Courtney Balan and Jamen Nanthakumar.

In A New Brain, Gordon can’t get past his writer’s block when a medical emergency forces him to reassess if his songs (or lack thereof) are more important than his family, his friends, or his partner. He needs to navigate a mean nurse, shelves of books and a bossy frog to get to the heart of his music.

A New Brain features music and lyrics by BSC Associate Artist William Finn (BSC: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, The Royal Family of Broadway), book by Finn and Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner James Lapine (Broadway: Into the Woods, Sunday in the Park with George), and direction by BSC Associate Artist Joe Calarco (BSC: Waiting for Godot, Into the Woods, Ragtime), with music direction by Vadim Feichtner (BSC: The Royal Family of Broadway; Broadway: Falsettos, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) and choreography by Chloe O. Davis (Paradise Square).

A New Brain was originally presented in 1998 at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater at Lincoln Center, where it won the 1999 Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding New Off-Broadway Musical. The largely autobiographical musical is about Finn’s life-threatening experience surviving a neurological brain condition.

For a 2015 production of A New Brain at New York City Center’s Encores! Off-Center, Jesse Green, writing for New York Magazine, said, “What makes A New Brain so satisfying is that its almost relentless humor and cynicism are used to promote a very serious and often sad inquiry into key human questions. What do we make of our time here? What do we make of our abilities? Finn’s answer is the obvious one, but no less generous for that. If your brain is wired for it, you make music.”

A New Brain features scenic design by Paige Hathaway, costume design by Debra Kim Sivigny, lighting design by Jason Lyons, and sound design by Ken Travis. Production Stage Manager is John Godbout. Assistant Stage Manager is Leslie Sears.

The Boyd-Quinson Stage season opened with the legendary Tony Award-winning musical Cabaret, directed by BSC Artistic Director Alan Paul. It also includes Pearl Cleage’s Blues for an Alabama Sky (now-August 5), directed by Candis C. Jones, and Steinberg Playwright Award winner Sanaz Toossi’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play English (September 27-October 15).

The St. Germain Stage season at Barrington Stage Company opened with The Happiest Man on Earth by Mark St. Germain, based on Holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku’s extraordinary 2020 memoir of the same name, published when Jaku was 100 years old, starring Kenneth Tigar and directed by Ron Lagomarsino. The St. Germain season continued with Mike Lew’s tiny father, a co-world premiere play produced by Chautauqua Theater Company and BSC, directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel. The season concludes with a revival of Brian Friel’s Faith Healer (August 1-27), directed by Julianne Boyd and starring BSC Associate Artists Christopher Innvar, Mark H. Dold and Gretchen Egolf.

BSC casting is by McCorkle Casting (Pat McCorkle, CSA; Rebecca Weiss, CSA).


For tickets to A New Brain or the BSC Season, please call the BSC Box Office at 413-236-8888 or visit


Barrington Stage Company (BSC), under the leadership of Artistic Director Alan Paul and Managing Director Meredith Lynsey Schade, is an award-winning theatre located in Pittsfield, MA, in the heart of the Berkshires. Co-founded in 1995 by Julianne Boyd, BSC’s mission is to produce top-notch, compelling work; to develop new plays and musicals; and to engage our community with vibrant, inclusive educational outreach programs. Alan Paul succeeded Ms. Boyd as the company’s Artistic Director in 2022.

BSC attracts over 60,000 patrons annually and has gained national recognition for its superior-quality productions and comprehensive educational programming, including the award-winning Playwright Mentoring Project, the Musical Theatre Conservatory, Youth Theatre, KidsAct! and other initiatives. The company has become integral to the economic revitalization of downtown Pittsfield.

BSC’s reputation for excellence began with a smash revival of Cabaret that moved to Boston in 1997 for an extended run. The theatre’s prominence grew with the world premiere of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee by William Finn and Rachel Sheinkin (BSC 2004; Broadway 2005-2008, winner of two Tony Awards). Other notable productions include the world premiere of Christopher Demos-Brown’s American Son (BSC 2016; Broadway 2018); Mark St. Germain’s Freud’s Last Session (BSC 2009; Off-Broadway 2010-2012); Leonard Bernstein, Comden & Green’s On the Town (BSC 2013; Broadway 2014, four Tony Award nominations); Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s Company, starring Aaron Tveit (2017); and West Side Story in honor of Leonard Bernstein and Jerome Robbins’ centenaries (2018).

BSC develops and commissions new work with two programs: PlayWorks, which supports the creation of new plays, and the Musical Theatre Lab, which develops new musicals. Since 1995, BSC has produced 45 new works, 22 of which have moved to New York and major US regional theatres.


For seven decades, the Tony Award-recognized Williamstown Theatre Festival has brought emerging and professional theater artists together in the Berkshires to create a thrilling summer festival of diverse, world premiere plays and musicals, bold new revivals, and a rich array of accompanying cultural events.

Artists are drawn to Williamstown Theatre Festival to make great theater in an environment conducive to artistic risk-taking. Matthew Broderick, Audra McDonald, Dominique Morisseau, Mary-Louise Parker, Susan Stroman, Uma Thurman, and Blair Underwood are just a few of the luminous theater artists who have worked at the Festival. Many others, including Sterling K. Brown, Ty Burrell, Charlie Day, Paul Giamatti, Kathryn Hahn, Allison Janney, Brie Larson, Chris Pine, and George C. Wolfe, began their careers at the Festival.

Productions and artists shaped at the Festival fill theaters in New York City and around the world. Recently, Williamstown Theatre Festival was represented on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and regionally by The Sound Inside, Grand Horizons, The Rose Tattoo, The Visit, Fool for Love, The Elephant Man, Seared, Selling Kabul, Unknown Solider, and Lempicka, to name just a few. Cost of Living, which was developed and premiered at Williamstown Theatre Festival, was awarded the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and made its Broadway debut last fall.








A NEW BRAIN…Tally Sessions, Justine Horihata Rappaport, Andy Grotelueschen, Darrell Purcell, Adam Chanler-Berat, Mary Testa, Dorcas Leung, Salome Smith, Eliseo Roman, Demond Green













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