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Again The Media is lying and adding Corrections

Again The Media is lying and adding Corrections

CORRECTION: This article initially said Clinton’s lead was 1.8 million votes; in fact, that number is a projection. Language has also been updated to indicate that Clinton’s electoral vote lead of 1.7 percentage points is projected, not current.

This is the current state of the voting.

election 2016

These are the real numbers.

election 2016

These are maps that state where the red and the blue voted compared to where high crime is.

Here is what has really happened since the election.

election 2016

The media is manipulating people who are saddened, hurt, feeling fear and wanted a different out come. The hate crimes you are seeing in the media is swayed to create even more of those feelings. What you are not seeing is the hate crimes towards the other side. Journalists, kids, women and men are being attacked because they choose a different side. A mother threw out her young son because he voted for Trump in a mock trial.

election 2016

We need to wise up and realize the state of what is true and false. Many I know want to know the why’s of how this all happened. The truth is as a whole we believe the media, instead of putting in the time and sourcing out the truth.

This election was about stopping pipelines, stopping miscommunication with Russia and Israel, which if not stopped would have lead to WW111 and the EMP Bomb, about criminals allowed to


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