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Air Duct Cleaning in Houston – Top Three Myths Busted

Air Duct Cleaning in Houston – Top Three Myths Busted

As far as air duct cleaning is concerned, it is the best way to keep your heating and cooling system up and running in your Houston home. It ensures seamless appliance functioning and letting your family breathe fresh, clean air. Then, some duct cleaning mythsto confuse homeowners using HVAC units.

According to an article published on Huffpost, choose an HVAC system that is not old and of the best quality so that you do not need to spend your hard-earned money on additional repairs or parts replacements. Coming back to the myths, here are the top three misconceptions surrounding air duct cleaning:

1. Air ducts do not accumulate dust or dirt

Many people believe that air ducts do not accumulate dirt, dust, and grime, which is a complete lie. Your heating and cooling unit not only collects dust, dirt, pollen, grime but also rodents and insects get into the ducts. That is why cleaning is mandatory; however, you do not need to clean the ducts every month. However, it is a smart idea to do a reality check of the air ducts with the rest of the heating and cooling system to figure out whether the ducts need cleaning or not. It will keep your appliance safe so that you can breathe clean, fresh air. 

2. Duct cleaning means the use of strong chemicals

Many homeowners in Houston think that duct cleaning involves the use of strong chemicals that are hazardous for the family. It is another misconception perplexing homeowners using HVAC systems. On the contrary, no chemical use is required for the job and professional duct cleaning services use chemical substitutes that are completely safe for your home and family. 

These products will clean the air ducts thoroughly and stop the growth of mold without the use of harmful chemicals. Please visit Air Quality Express if you have any questions related to duct cleaning and the use of chemicals. 

3. Dirty air ducts are not hazardous to your health 

There are some people, who think unclean ducts do not pose any health risk. It is one of the greatest myths leading homeowners astray. To be honest, dirty ducts make the indoor air quality deteriorate, as your home becomes vulnerable to dirt, dust, pollen, grime, as well as other allergens. All of these contaminants move through the air ducts and invade your home. When air quality drops, it makes breathing difficult and poses numerous health hazards. 

Did you know that the air ducts are susceptible to bacteria and mold growth? All these elements result in health problems such as headaches, respiratory issues, breathlessness, cold, flu, and fatigue due to poor indoor air quality inside your house. You need to be very careful when you have kids and pets around the house. Even seniors are vulnerable to cold, flu, and breathing problems due to poor indoor air quality. Hire professionals for air duct cleaning to keep your family safe. 

Myths surrounding ducts can put you at health risk. Therefore, dispel these misconceptions and keep the air ducts clean. Breathe fresh, clean air. Stay healthy.

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