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Air Track Mat Latest Inflatable Air Products

Air Track Mat Latest Inflatable Air Products

Air Track

The AirTrack helps to soften the landing, and you’ll be able to rest assured that even if your plan doesn’t take place as planned, you’ll be able to be safe from serious injuries. Note that AirTrack is not intended to function as a landing mat, so avoid jumping off of high points on the AirTrack.

With AirTrack, you can train on tricks such as stunts, jumps, and jumps at home or outdoors. Using the air track mat, you can build the set-up you’d like and begin training any time and wherever you’d like!

Air track mats are excellent mats for training in tricking and parkour training. Using the mat, you can safely perform new tricks without the possibility of injury. Because the mat is lightweight and easy to carry, you can use it outdoors to train in your favorite places.


If you are performing backflips or leaps, it is essential to remain secure. Anyone using this device is safe and can land whatever they want. It’s also easy to inflate or deflate for easy storage due to its user-friendly design. Air gym equipment can last for as long as ten years if used correctly. Of course, you will find Air tracks in the field that go over this limit. It all depends on how the products are utilized and the frequency with which they are employed.

Is your child just beginning the sport of gymnastics and is loving it already? Are you looking to observe your child’s progress in the peace of your home or garden? If so, those air mats in the gym are the perfect equipment! Children bouncing around and active are bound to be excited to jump and tumble around on the air track mat with their classmates or siblings.

Suppose your kid is an accomplished athlete, whether a gymnast or power tumbler who uses an air mat, it’s possible to stay in shape and get better every day at home. The Gym equipment is offered in various widths, lengths, and heights. This makes it possible to have inflatable gymnastics mats that can be used for all levels of ability and age.

For beginners, having a gymnast mat that has 10 centimeters in height is beneficial. This height is ideal for those with a smaller weight who do not have a gymnastics education but want to get better.

Air track mats What Size Should I Buy

As you age or get more skilled, you’ll probably need something more significant than the usual dimensions of 3mx10cm. A good option is one of the 5m 15cm Air tracks that are ideal for skilled athletes and veteran Air track users. The thicker and more prolonged the Air track you pick, the more bounce it provides. The more extended the way is and broader, the more combinations of jumps and flips are possible before running across the sky. Be aware that larger air track mats aren’t only more expensive but also heavy and can hinder your performance and the ability of younger children, notably.

We have a manual and an electronic pump for our gym air mats. In short, the bigger you use the Air track mats, the longer the pumping process requires. Therefore, moving the large and tall gymnastics mat with a mechanical pump is hard.

This is why we recommend an electric motor. If you plan to transport an air mat on a trip to the park or beach, you may want to choose a manual pump, as you don’t have to worry about whether you have power available. Therefore, the choice between the manual or electric pump will depend on how long the air track mat is and where you plan to put it. It is now possible to make a more informed choice about air track mats.

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