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All Inclusive

All Inclusive

The phrase all inclusive has been associated with the hotel industry for many years now but the more recent emergence of resort hotels has brought new meaning to that phrase. Today all inclusive is seen in most travel brochures and is meant to mean fully inclusive in many respects, when coupled with a resort name.


When a hotel offers an all-inclusive package, what it is meaning is that the cost of breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel’s restaurant is including in the cost of each room and so a guest need not budget for paying for meals, unless they opt to, as long as they are booked into a room at the hotel. This is a welcome offer for many, especially those people that may be on business trips and find they only have a limited time between meetings in order to search for somewhere to eat however, for those following more leisurely pursuits, it means they are confined to eating at the hotel’s restaurant, unless they want to pay extra.


Although the same applies to a resort as to a hotel in so far as the cost of meals is included in the price of a room, with a resort it will usually also mean that many of the additional amenities they offer are also free. The nature of a resort is that it will have a range of additional amenities as well as just accommodations and restaurants and these amenities could include water and land based sporting activities, pools, saunas even full spas, the amenities may also include a gymnasium, games room or bowling alley. The term all-inclusive when associated with a resort will usually mean that apart from the odd exception such as amenities which involve fuel, such as jet skis and fishing boats, all the amenities that the resort has to offer, are free for guests to use as and when they see fit.


The emergence of all-inclusive resorts has often made it easier for a family to budget a vacation as, once they have paid a resort for an all-inclusive package they will have very little need for extra expenditures whilst on vacation, allowing them to more accurately estimate how long they can spend on that vacation. It can also make it easier for a business’s budget management as, once a travelling businessman has been booked into a hotel on an all-inclusive basis, there should be no more bills for dining expenses.


Because of the growing popularity of resorts and their all-inclusive packages, many hotels have, and still are, contemplating making renovations to their establishments, adding extra amenities, so that they too can take advantage of this growing popularity by becoming a resort rather than just a traditional hotel. It is not just the independent hotels which are considering these upgrades though as some of the hotel chains are also considering them. In fact, some of the larger hotel chains have already made upgrades whilst some of the smaller ones like Zleep of Denmark are still at the consideration stage but all, will eventually probably contemplate changes in order to keep up with the trends.


There is little doubt that although all-inclusive was at one time a seldom seen phrase in the hospitality industry, it has become so popular that it could, in the future even become redundant as all hotels, as well as resorts, may conclude that room prices should always include three meals per night, affording them the ability to always cover the overheads involved in maintaining a restaurant, bar and perhaps additional room service where offered.





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