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All You Have To Know About Car Wrecking

All You Have To Know About Car Wrecking

When you realize your car is no more in a condition to drive sell it to wreckers. The car wreckers wellington suggests this is the best way to get rid of your car, which was damaged beyond repair. Whether it is an accident or just an old car, wreckers are capable of dismantling the car for good. Here is what happens when you hand over your car to car wreckers.

1. Wait for the right time

When the cost of repairing your car is outweighing the cost of the car when sold to a junkyard. This can be determined with the help of a car insurance company. But they cannot be trusted with your car. Because they may even come down to 65-75% from the original value for business purposes. So if the repairing of the car costs almost 60 per cent of the cars original cost when sold to the scrapyard, then it is better to sell it. You can get a good deal out of your damaged or old car in a junkyard than selling it online. It is finally up to the owner as to when you feel like giving up your favourite car.

2. Find a good mechanic

Find a good mechanic who can evaluate your vehicle. Check the parts that are reusable and recyclable. A professional may tell the exact estimate of how much they are going to pay for your car. Knowing this will help you to negotiate with the dealers later when you sell the vehicle. Some may tell you they can fix it, but we shouldn’t risk our safety for some money. A private dealer might not offer you a lot of money. But a car wrecker may pay you well in this case.

3. What happens when in Junkyard?

The wreckers are happy to pick up your car and take your car to a scrapyard. There the car is dismantled of its reusable and recyclable parts. After stripping off the elements, it is then handed over to the wreckers, where they wreck the car to a point where it cannot be repaired. Things like brakes, if in perfect condition can be sold to the scrapyard or a private dealer if interested. Otherwise, a metal recycler takes the parts for using it for a useful purpose.

4. How to take it to a wrecker

The first step is to find an auto wrecker near you. Talk with them and make sure your car fits the criteria. Then come to a deal with wrecker. They may either ask you to pay for the towing of the vehicle to the wrecking area. If your car is in working condition and the place is nearby, you can risk driving it one last time. When you reach their facility, there might be a little paperwork to be done. The rules and regulations can be different from different states.

5. The wrecking

More than 90 per cent of the car is recycled. This includes filters, hoses, seats, tires and mats. These recycled tires are used to construct new roads or glass countertops. The de-pollution of the car carried out by draining the car of all the liquids. Transmission and brake fluid, oil and gas are the liquids. These are then diluted with the different process until it is safe for disposal. After this, the car is crushed into the size of a small golf ball. This method reduces the area needed to store the waste material.

6. A good dealA good deal solely depends on the condition of your car. The age, model and amount of recyclable and reusable parts. Car wreckers mainly focus on collecting junk or cars with the most recyclable materials. If your car is of high demand, then you may get a good deal out of it. Make a mechanic check your car before dealing with the dealers. You may need to travel some distance if you are looking for a good offer. To help you in this situation, many auto wreckers provide free towing services to their respective facilities.

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