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All You Need to Know about USA Gambling Laws



The United States is easily the country with the knottiest gambling legislation in the world from the perspective of both players and gaming operators. This complexity results mostly from the fact that individual states are granted the right to shape their own regulations and legislation when it comes to gambling.

In 1931, Nevada became the first state to introduce legal casino gambling within its borders. New Jersey followed suit in 1977 by legalising gambling on the territory of Atlantic City. Two years later, reservation-based gambling emerged as the tribe of the Seminoles opened the first large-stakes bingo room in the country, paving the way for other Indian reservations to do the same. 

Riverboat gambling was legalized a decade or so later in Illinois, Louisiana and several other states. The turn of the 21stcentury saw a boom in online casino gambling as the Internet started to become more and more accessible to US bettors. 

Gambling in the US is Legal on Federal Level

Gambling is presently legal in the country on a federal level but there are various restrictions related to interstate and interactive betting. What is legal in one state may prove to be illegal in another. The matters are all the more complex when it comes to online gambling. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was signed into law in 2006 prohibiting online gaming operators from accepting deposits from US players.

This caused most of the online gambling providers to withdraw their operations from the country although some offshore-licensed websites continued to service US players despite these restrictions. US players are not persecuted for placing bets on such foreign gambling sites, however. Such offshore betting sites offer a broad variety of betting options but it appears the majority of casino visitors play slots

Yet, the US legal landscape pertaining to gambling has changed a lot since the passing of UIGEA. Presently, there are but a few states that have legalized certain forms of gambling, including New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia. 

More states are expected to follow in their footsteps but not all state legislators have yet warmed up to the idea of legal online gaming. According to CasinoGamesPro, Michigan’s Governor, Rick Snyder recently rejected a bill that was to introduce regulated online gambling on the territory of the state. 

The decision was prompted by the increasing concerns that online gambling legalisation might lead to a decline in the Michigan Lottery’s revenue, intended for the funding of various public schools throughout the state. 

Individual States Can Now Establish Their Own Sports Betting Regulations

Another key moment that has shaped the country’s gambling landscape happened in May 2018 when the US Supreme Court overturned PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act). This piece of legislation was enacted in 1992 and effectively prohibited individual US states from regulating sports betting. 

Only four of the states, Delaware, Oregon, Nevada, and Montana were exempt from the ban. New Jersey was given a year after the passing of PASPA to legalise sports betting. The state missed out on this opportunity, which ultimately led to it taking the matter to the Supreme Court and demanding the state-wideban on sports betting to be lifted. 

The legal battle ended in favor of New Jersey, with a 6 to 3 decision that led to the overturning of PASPA. Each US state is now allowed to outline its own legislation and regulations pertaining to wagering on the outcome of sporting events.

Industry experts suggest the Supreme Court’s decision is going to result in a further expansion of the online gambling industry in the country. As many as 32 US states are expected to introduce sports betting in the years to follow, reports Independent

US Players Gladly Take Their Action to Offshore Betting Sites

New Jersey’s victory over PASPA is likely to have a favourable effect on the further online gambling expansion in the country. For one, this might encourage more US citizens to place legal wagers on sports instead of resorting to betting illegally as they previously did. 

Figures released by the American Gaming Association indicate illegal wagering is a major problem in the country, with US citizens investing as much as $150 billion on an annual basis into illegal bets on sports. 

Several states are already discussing the introduction of regulated online sports betting on their territory. Online casino gaming remains illegal in all but two states (Delaware and New Jersey) for the time being. 

Meanwhile, players from the US looking to enjoy their favourite casino games online can take their betting action to some of our suggested super casino sitesAll of them are friendly to customers from the USA and support US-friendly banking methods, including the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin. 


Michael John LaChiusa and Graciela Daniele The Gardens of Anuncia



Andréa Burns, Mary Testa, Priscilla Lopez, and Eden Espinosa. Photo by Julieta Cervantes

Michael John LaChiusa’s The Gardens of Anuncia is based on the early life of Broadway legend Graciela Daniele The two have been collaborators on several projects including Hello Again (1994), Chronicle of a Death Foretold (1995), Marie Christine (1999), and Bernarda Alba (2006). This is his love letter to her, complete with a tango-infused score.

This memory musical is directed and choreographed by Daniele, which is surprising as we miss the more intricate dancing moments.

We meet Anuncia (Priscilla Lopez), as she tends to her country garden in America, reminiscing about her girlhood in Juan Perón’s Argentina from 1940s-50s as she trys to avoid attending an awards ceremony, where she’ll be honored with a Lifetime Achievement. Instead, she reflects on her family and childhood, as she brings back her Mami (Eden Espinoza), her Granmama (Mary Testa), and her aunt Tia (Andréa Burns), hoping to honor all the women who supported her journey in becoming an artist. Her distraction is she is looking around her garden for the proper place to bury Tia’s ashes. We see a young Anuncia (Kalyn West), as she is shaped by three very different women. From Tia she learns imagination and music, her Mami enrolls her in ballet class to fix her flat feet and her Granmama gives her drama.

Tally Sessions Photo by Julieta Cervantes

In the meantime Anuncia and a deer (the fabulous Tally Sessions) dance, talk and romance.

Highlights of the show include Eden Espinosa, who will be on Broadway later this season in Lempicka, tango “MalaGueña,”. Andréa Burns makes us love “Listen to the Music” and Mary Testa’s one-liners and description of her secret courtship with Anuncia’s grandfather (Enrique Acevedo) in “Miss The Man” give the show some oomph.

The design of the garden by Mark Wendland and the lighting, by Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer, give the show it’s magical look.

The Gardens of Anuncia shows the love of the collaborators and of the women who shaped our lives.

The Gardens of Anuncia: Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater, Lincoln Center through December 31.

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Headed To Walter Reade With Camp4Heroes To Bring Christmas To Our Vets: A Pit Stop In Washington DC Part 1



My friends and I arrived in Bethesda, Maryland to go to Walter Reade with Camp4Heroes to bring Christmas To Our Vets. The day was extremely foggy.

Having never had the chance to really visit Washington DC my friend and I woke up early with about 3 hours and headed from The National Mall and The Lincoln Memorial.

I had always wanted to see this statue ever since I saw Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.

Not really wanting to walk up a ton of stairs, we decided to use the elevator to the memorial, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as there is an exhibit on Lincoln in this space.

The Lincoln Memorial honors the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Henry Bacon is the memorial’s architect and Daniel Chester French designed the large interior statue of a seated Abraham Lincoln (1920), which was carved in marble by the Piccirilli brothers.

Jules Guerin painted the interior murals, and the epitaph above the statue was written by Royal Cortissoz. Dedicated on May 30, 1922, it is one of several memorials built to honor an American president.

In getting to the memorial you pass the most amazing statues. These actually stand guard to the bridges to The National Mall.

Around the exterior are these.

What is the most surprising thing, is that these statues, The National Mall, Lincoln, the Washington Monument and other buildings that surround the area, are gigantic. We see the crowds at The National Mall and we actually do not comprehend how many people are actually there. Think New Years Eve in Times Square and triple it. 

The National Mall also including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, and World War II Memorial. More on those tomorrow.

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Avengers Tower Sets Meet And Greet With Signing



C. B. Cebulski, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, and The LEGO Group Senior Graphic Designer Mark Tranter will be at the Fifth Ave LEGO Store this Friday, December 1st from 5pm-6pm signing the Avengers Tower set—the most iconic building in the Avengers Universe, with 5,201 pieces and an all-star cast of 31 figures.

The Avengers Tower, formerly known as Stark Tower, was a high-rise building complex located in Manhattan. Constructed by Tony Stark, the tower was powered by an Arc Reactor that made it capable of running itself for over a year. The top ten floors housed the research and development initiatives.

Following the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D., Stark Tower became the main headquarters of the Avengers. However, after the Ultron Offensive, Stark refurbished a Stark Industries warehouse upstate into the Avengers Compound to use as their primary base while Avengers Tower was repurposed for Stark Industries’ use. In the aftermath of the Avengers Civil War, Stark sold the tower and moved all of its equipment to the Avengers Compound.

By 2024, the tower, under its new ownership, had gone through extensive construction and renovation.

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God Comes Back To Times Square



On Monday, November 27,  the 2023 global Light the World Giving Machines campaign showed Christ’s light and love. Three machines were unwrapped in Times Square.

The theme for these machines is “Let Your Light Shine,” words the Savior of the world spoke to His followers. Giving Machines provide a unique path to spread His light — in your community or in a faraway country. Instead of buying something for yourself, your purchase is a donation for someone in need.

As we start the process of hoping there will be greater light in the world, we invite all to light the world,” said Elder David Buckner, an Area Seventy. “Today we start that as a process of hope and promise and joy that the world so desperately needs.”

Giving Machines, now in their seventh year, offer a unique way to serve and care for others. Instead of buying something for yourself, your purchase is a donation for someone in need. Across machines in all locations are a combined 1,200 different items requested by carefully screened and reputable local, national and international nonprofit organizations. These include meals, groceries, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education, bedding, hygiene kits, job and career training, crops and livestock (such as chickens, goats, pigs, ducks, sheep and beehives). Patrons can type in 777 to purchase one of everything in a machine.

The Giving Machines are open for business and have move to their permanent Manhattan holiday location: The Church of Our Savior at 59 Park Ave. (at 38th Street). They will be available through January 1, 2024. In total, Giving Machines are available in 60 additional locations in seven countries.

Besides the machines, 15 digital displays will be in Times Square featuring Christmas messages from the Church of Jesus Christ. These messages will include the birth of Jesus Christ and gratitude for local interfaith leaders and charities who are working with the Church to help those in need.

The nine participating national and global nonprofits are:

  • African Girls Hope Foundation
  • American Red Cross
  • Care
  • Church World Service
  • iDE (International Development Enterprise)
  • Lifting Hands International
  • Mentors International
  • WaterAid

The Church and UNICEF have collaborated on various projects to help children and mothers around the world. The American Red Cross of Greater New York, mission is to alleviate human suffering during times of disasters and emergencies. They provides 40% of the blood supply in the U.S. CARE has projects in over 111 countries and reaches more than 170 million people annually. The Church World Service, said her organization is focus on immigration legal fees, offer menstrual health products to help women and more.

In total, more than 250 local, national and global nonprofits are participating this year — more than all previous years combined.

It is time to bring light to what is admittedly a very dark world.

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The Broadway Green Alliance Is Turning 15



This fall, the Broadway Green Alliance (BGA) celebrates its 15th year as an industry-wide initiative that educates, motivates, and inspires the entire theatre community and its patrons to adopt environmentally friendlier practices on Broadway and beyond. To mark this milestone, the BGA will host a free celebratory “bike-powered” concert and birthday bash on Monday, October 23rd in the New Amsterdam Room at the New Amsterdam Theatre (214 W 42nd Street) which will be streamed live on Stars in the House.

The in-person event begins at 5:00pm ET with limited tickets available, and the live-stream concert begins at 6:30pm ET on the Stars in the House YouTube channel at

Broadway performers and hosts joining the event include Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley (Stars in the House), Tony Award Nominee Kerry Butler (Beetlejuice), Tony Award Nominee Anika Larsen (Almost Famous), Tony Award Nominee Kenita R. Miller (For Colored Girls…), Tony Award Nominee Adam Pascal (Rent), Mara Davi (A Chorus Line), Jenn Gambatese (Mrs. Doubtfire), Jackie Hoffman (Xanadu), James T. Lane (Chicago), Patti Murin (Frozen), Rachel Webb (& Juliet), and more to be announced.

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