Allbirds New Tree Flyer Captivates with Thrilling and Progressive Shoe Advancements

Allbirds New Tree Flyer Captivates with Thrilling and Progressive Shoe Advancements

This is not just another shoe – this is a game changer.

Allbirds is flying to soaring new heights with their lastest shoe The Tree Flyer. Set to launch on May 17, fans of the brand and newbies to the market need to get ready for a creation that is about progressive movement, comfort and style.

The new material innovation, SwiftFoam™ has brought Allbirds to the forefront of the running shoe industry. Whether you are running a marathon or looking for a shoe to rehab an injury in, you will find that Tree Flyer is a supreme selection. Nothing compares to the feeling of walking on air in a cloudlike way with increased cushioning and energy return at 70%. The shoe is light and fits the form of your foot perfectly.

Walking around in the city you barely even realize you are wearing a shoe because it is so featherlike. The midsole is lightweight at over 30% lighter than SweetFoam.

Personally, this reporter has spent six months recovering from a broken ankle. Walking in the shoes this week was my first time out of a cast fully and walking in nearly six months. The stability and support that Tree Flyer has given me is positively mind-blowing. There is nothing but bliss in every step taken on the road to recovery. These shoes are a miracle on your feet no matter your current athletic ability.

The Flyer is Allbirds most technical style to date. It has been tested for over a year by over 115 runners with nearly 6000 miles and it’s a great style for your everyday run or a 10k. To improve its technicality the style has a flared external heel that provides additional support, an increased toe spring that provides better transition, a traction pattern on the sole for great grip, new reflective eye-stays, and flat laces, and a Tree upper that provides a sleeker fit that holds your foot in while being more breathable and durable.

SwiftFoam™is unique in that it is a foaming process that creates a low-energy midsole product process. The process uses Allbirds castor bean oil-based resin and through this process, the brand can use less material and less energy making it better for the environment.

Available in stores and at Allbirds.com on May 17, the shoe retails or $160 and comes in a variety of colors including Lux Beige, Buoyant Yellow and Black.






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